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  1. Could be possible, but no cruise control...... I'm been rather busy lately so haven't had much chance to do anything, but have a pretty free day tomorrow given we have a long weekend over here....I would rather be out up in the mountains but not till I get this hose sorted.
  2. It does seem to idle higher than it should be, and has started to use more fuel..... With the weekend here now I am hoping to find time to have a very close look over the whole engine and try and find where it should be.
  3. The other end of it goes in through the firewall to something in the dash......I can't find anything that is relating to this in my service manual.
  4. Have never seen a vacuum routing diagram under the bonnet, but will double check just in case. It definitely goes to the inlet side of the engine, so rules out the dizzy vacuum (and that hose is connected anyway)....but I will move the hose around and see where it reaches.... When the engine in running the hose is sucking.
  5. Didn't think of checking where the other end goes? Will check it out soon. It's a 1987 model...Z24 with a carburetor, not injected
  6. Thats what I did, reused the old one.....settled it down a bit, but not much
  7. Hi all....I have noticed a small vacuum hose is off at one end. I have no idea where it goes and need some help. I can't even say where its coming from as I don't know what its called, but I have included a photo to help with that. With this hose not connected could it be causing any running issues?
  8. Is it possible to buy the little white bit on the end of the cable that goes into the speedo? I bought a new cable, but it didn't come with it, and now at around 60km/h the needle bounces back in forth like crazy...once I get up to about 80 it stops and seems fine.
  9. Thanks Slartibartfast for the help. I ended up taking the resistor out and just wired the dizzy straight to the coil.....all working fine :-)
  10. After reading the link you included I am thinking the same about keeping the resistor..... Thanks for all your help and explanations
  11. Sounds good and very similar to what I was told this arvo....the condenser you mention the the ceramic fuse you find beside the coil?
  12. I finally found an electronic distributor for me 1987 Pathfinder. The problem I see though is the wiring coming off it, 2 wires, 1 red 1 blue...with the old points dizzy it was 2 wires from the wiring harness that went to the dizzy, 1 of them cliped onto the wire coming from a capacitor that was screwed to the side of the dizzy body.... Can anyone help me with how these wires connect up? Cheers Nev
  13. I don't recall if the battery was disconnected or not at the time. I did have it out that day recharging, but think I may have reinstalled it before changing the coil...at the time I also put a new fuel filter and line in. Thanks for the link for the regulator, I will check that all out when I get home from work tomorrow.
  14. After fitting a new coil to my 1986 Nissan Pathfinder, Z24 engine, the tacho, fuel and temp gauges are no longer working....could it just be a fuse blown or have a caused a bigger problem with the coil?
  15. defiantly a light foot....I won't even start moving till the oil light comes on.....overall its running better than the engine that came out, but be interesting to see how it goes on a few hills where this engine use to lose a bit of power.......won't do that till I get a wheel alignment on Tuesday, after having the torsion bars and front diff out it badly needs an alignment.

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