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  1. You are not alone, in my case it was the front driver's side that flew off, SE fairing also. So far no luck in finding one. I may do a 3D printed one when I have more time in winter, a mirror image of the passenger side one.
  2. +1 on the manual hubs. Best I got before manual hubs on the freeway was 19 mpg, normal was 17-18, after manual hubs I get occasional 21 but mostly 19-20 all depending on headwinds. One other benefit is there is less wear and tear on your drivetrain.
  3. I have almost an identical story. A month after new tires I got the death wobble at around 55 mph, I figured it was the suspension. Friend of mine suggested I have the tires re-balanced, I did at a different shop that said a weight came off and said no wonder they were of poor quality and replaced all of them. However, they also said that the non lead weights are crap.
  4. It took close to 200 miles (about a month) on mine, but mostly city driving, when I was impatiently waiting for it to set for a smog check. I read you have to do a lot of varied driving, including freeway to get it to reset faster, whether that is true or not I have no first hand experience.
  5. I just replaced my slave clutch cylinder and I thought changing the hose at the same time would be a good idea. Between stomping like a maniac and the partially filled drain bottle connected to the bleed screw I did not need a second person to operate the clutch to bleed it successfully.
  6. Found it, thank you; good to know for the future in case another idiot tries to pull out of a parking lot into opposing traffic. Too bad I didn't know about it earlier I probably would have gone the later version route, the front end seems a little more streamline on those.
  7. Good to know, I just had to replace the front bumper and it was not easy finding parts for a '97. Eventually found them probably won't be able to next time.
  8. At $3,900 at this time. One thing that would concern me as a prospective buyer is that it was in an accident.
  9. Can't help you since mine are working fine, but just wanted to welcome you to the forum. I got a green SE just like you, only a year younger.?
  10. Last one I got was either from Napa or less likely, Pep Boys, direct replacement. I don't recall the wiring being a hassle so I can't help you there, but yours is a 99.5 and may be different.
  11. In a similar situation, it did turn out to be the starter in my case. The old one initially would not start intermittently, then died altogether. Fortunately, I anticipated and already had a replacement starter in the car expecting to change it on the weekend but had to change it in a parking lot instead. It sure is a tight fit to get the old one out and new one in.
  12. Since it is a universal, not a direct bolt on unit, it sounds like you will have to modify it to mount it, whether screws, velcro or an adhesive as best as you can.
  13. I don't know think there is a fuse, but if it were a fuse it would not work at all. BTW, programming new ones is a pain, even if you follow the instructions perfectly. Last time it took at least 4 tries before I got it going.

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