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  1. Nice truck, you can make a thread here and it will likely garnish some interest: https://forum.ih8mud.com/forums/95-older-toyota-truck-tech.22/ i'm on there as D21FJ60- created the account 11 years ago when I had my 86.5 hardbody. That was a fun truck.
  2. First login in a while. Still miss the days of my pathfinder, however a few months ago I picked up a 100 series land cruiser, as it has been my dream truck for a decade, even while I had the pathfinder. I also have a 2nd gen 4Runner waiting for an engine swap. My son loves the toyotas so it is time for the new memories to be made. Life goes on, and you cannot transpose the present into the past.
  3. SAS and everything. Surprised they didn't use a 4Runner or Land Cruiser given how popular those are now a days.
  4. Thankfully no, it only took about a month. Where I was living at the time the driveway was on a slight incline and I had the truck backed in, so it wasn't giving enough gas to start and run. I put probably another 10-13k miles on it before trading it in. I think it was traded in with just under 200k, so I had put roughly 70k miles on it in the 4.5 years I owned it and probably spend what seemed like $5,968,867.96 on gas. Those 4.5 years included the last year and a half of college, life after college driving to work, and delivering pizzas and then lots of weekend road trips. Many many many memories in that vehicle which is probably why, 4 years later I still feel bad for letting it go, almost like a part of me is gone. Sad to login to this forum and see so many who I vividly remember being active during my time in college when I got the pathfinder haven't logged in in years. In hindsight, should've kept it and put on better tires and kept the engine maintained so as to avoid a blown HG and just drive drive drive, and buy stock in major oil corporations. Literally could've used the truck in the past year and a half as the transmission on one of our cars went out may of 2017 and we were one car'ing it for about three months, and we (me, wife and 2 young kids) now are down to one car and i've been driving my parents mini van as they have 3 vehicles. It's been great....not. Could be worse though, my parents could not have an extra car for me to drive. Always gotta find the silver lining, although I wouldn't mind finding a couple grand to pick up another vehicle. And that's all for the Friday morning philosophical wallowing.
  5. Turned out to be low gas. Yet another brilliant move in my automotive foray.
  6. Assuming that you need to replace this with something to drive around in, do you have the money to purchase another vehicle? If not, are you capable to do an engine swap/rebuild? If you have the capability and want to do it, I would find another engine, pull it (if not already pulled), replace everything of importance- WP, Pulleys, Seals, plugs, wires, et al. Drain and fill trans and transfer case a few times- and diffs while you're at it, because why not? Dry out the interior and clean it real well to ensure no mold shows up, and drive drive drive. Or if you have the cash/credit available, save yourself all the time and go buy a replacement. HTH
  7. When I had my '98, my numbers seemed to match those above. I had a 5 speed and installed mile marker hubs and 235/75/15's. My fuelly was only kept the last year and a half I owned the truck, but the numbers are consistent. http://www.fuelly.com/car/nissan/pathfinder/1998/btab/137350
  8. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=1534396&cc=1316833 http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=1534576&cc=1316833
  9. You are correct, it is the death wobble, due to bad lower trailing arms (the bushings to be exact). I had mine replaced, then those went bad 2 years later, so im on my second set of them since obtaining my truck in 2010. From what I understand it isn't too bad to do yourself (others weigh in on this?) but I didn't have the means to do so, so I had shop&dealer do mine.
  10. hmmm. Dist was done 30k ago. It doesnt even start now most the time, and when it does itll shut off after 2 or 3 seconds or when I give it gas. Literally ahve no idea.
  11. When it starts...for the few seconds it is on it runs as if it were normal. I contemplated the distributor and wires as they have I think about 30k on them or something. But when they needed replacement before it was a gradual thing, it didn't crap out all at once. Granted im a novice mostly so I may be wrong in thinking that it couldnt be it. @ B im wondering if it is fuel pressure..thing is it is dead in the driveway and i really dont want to pay a shop to look at it, or use a tow from AAA if i dont have to. I like to save those for when im on the road. Just went out and tried to find the EGR valve thinking that may be it but hte chilton manual doesnt even have hte correct picture of my engine
  12. Alright folks. Been a while since I have shown my ugly head around hurrr. Pathfinder has been dead in the water for almost 3 weeks. It all started back in the beginning of January or so. Came home from church on sunday at about 130. Went out at about 630 or so that evening (maytbe 5) to go back. Turned truck on, went inside to get somethign and came back out. Truck no longer on. Go to start it again...cranks cranks cranks starts...idles..i rev it...it shudders and cuts off. Repeat process. I give up and get in land cruiser. Did this for days after. So prolly 2 weeks later I get a fuel pump and stick it in (managed to spray some gasoline in the back too!) truck started after that, drove it around prolly 30 miles total. In this period I had shut it off about 2 or 3 times, and each time I went to start it it took longer and longer..I figured cos battery was maybe getting old or something. 2 days later, go out to run by hte dealer to snag a part (fitting isnt it?) and same thing...crank crank catch idle idle...die. Repeat process. So, the fuel pump and filter has been replaced. I swapped the fuel pump relay with the one next to it as they are the same it appears and I get the same result. Am I corrrect in assuming that I am getting spark because it catches and starts, it just doesnt stay on? Would liek to get this addressed soonish. Feedback is appriciated because I am over trhrowing money at it...
  13. My kenwood radio decided to take the route that apparently many of htem do and (from what I understand) cease to keep a constant flow of power going, so it loses voltage and powers down. Ok, simple enough ill buy a new aftermarket radio and put it in. Well, before I get a chance to put the factory radio in while i shop around, i leave hte kenwood in. It works sporadically, then yesterday was completley dead after work. SO i put the factory radio in today. Andddd nothing. I had used harnesses for hte aftermarket one so no wire hacking was involved. Yet i am getting no power to the radio wiring harnesses (at least that is my assumption). Any advice? I checked fuses everywhurrr
  14. new front springs, struts and sway bar links. Brakes bled too. Drives liek a new truck!

  15. ....how does one get stuck in that mud?
  16. Milo Goes to College

    1. nunya


      Monkeys ain't supposed to drink chardonnay!

  17. Resurrecting this old thread. I am wanting to dive in and change my rotors and pads, even have them and a borrowed compressor in the garage waiting. Just want to make sure I dont get in over my head. Is this above video pretty accurate for R50 disassemblies as well?
  18. I am a slave for corporate overlords who essentially run a pyramid scheme. My job is to make as much money by selling peopel @!*% they dont need. Buying brake pads? Sure you dont want to spend $60-90 on rotors as well? Oh what about some random items at the register? Not disgruntled, I promise.
  19. Well crap. This answers my question too. I wanted to take mine off and do a nifty camo cloth upgrade. Le sigh.
  20. Welcome! ANd if you are taking orders for japanese vehicles to bring back for us, ill take one of these
  21. CV Axles are finally done. Anyone who has a rust state rig, drench the bolts of the lower control arms in PB blaster and get a breaker bar or impact wrench. Youll need it.

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