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  1. Thanks fleurys, added to the cart I will give it a day or 2 to make sure everyone is done letting me know, "well while you're there..." hawairish thanks for the manual. Downloaded & stuck on my file server \o/.
  2. OK, here are the parts I am putting together to get this job done: FEL-PRO MS96455 - Intake Plenum Gasket Kit STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS V332 - PCV Valve NGK 6240 (PLFR5A11) - Spark Plugs (x6) Praying I am not missing a screw or butterfly. Oh, if anyone knows the torque specs off hand, that would be awesome, otherwise still have some more Googlin' to do. Thanks a ton!!!
  3. PCV, check, I'll add that to the order as well. Thus far, oil level has been fine, however I've only had it for just over 2 weeks now & put on a few hundred miles. I tested out 4H & 4L this past weekend after finding a really steep & wet hill. 2 wheel didn't make it, the auto 4wd didn't make it, 4H & 4L made it with ease, and no noises or anything. Though it looks like they had the transfer case replaced about 12k miles ago. --Rich
  4. Thanks all! My brother is a mechanic, all be it a diesel mechanic, but has prior history working on cars & does it on the side as well. As far as tools, he has them all, so that isn't to worrisome. Gonna pick up the gasket kit from RockAuto as well as some spark plugs & just do them while we are at it. Only question I have after skimming the forum post about fixing it, is am I doing 12 screws or 24 screws? Upper & lower, just upper, just lower? I was a little confused there, which I am sure once it is opened it it will make more sense. So, this will cost me like $50 in gaskets & plugs plus a twelver or 2 Thanks again, y'all are awesome & very welcoming unlike the old Linux forums I am used to like 20 years ago or more
  5. Asking around about the power valve screws. Kind of disappointed with the dealership I picked the pathy up with. Guy said he has been there 10 years & never heard of the issue before & that was that. Called another dealership & the guy has heard of it & said there was a good chance my pathy already had it done, but said they could check it out & to call back today so he can give me a good quote on the work because all he had last night was oil changers EDIT: Just got off the phone with the one dealership. Said something about a special tool, which I'm smart enough to know that just means it's going to cost more. Then said 3 hours, which is $390, and if the gaskets tear another $120, which I'm sure they will because a) that's my luck and b) yeah more money for them. Anyone in the Chicagoland area need a side gig that's done this before?
  6. Right as you sent this last night, I had just read through that forum. Plan is to check it out this week, so thanks for that heads up.
  7. First post, so I shall introduce myself. Back in August of 2018 I was driving a 2005 Pontiac Vibe GT, salsa red color, monsoon system, and 6 speed standard. A person in a same year Subaru Forester decided that since they couldn't see oncoming traffic, they would just go for it & the front of my Vibe disagreed with the front passenger area of their car at 45MPH, therefor totaling everything in that intersection. For a month I was down & out. Lost my favorite car ever (people made fun of it but it was like a darn cockroach, it just wouldn't die), jammed my left hand, kissed an air bag, and was introduced to whiplash. Then came dealing with a large insurance company, who I probably trust just as much as anyone in government. When all that was said & done, I just happened to be strolling down a major Chicago thoroughfare on Google maps & came across a Nissan dealership. Honestly, I wasn't even looking at Nissan as a replacement and was looking at older Subaru's, well because they are freakin' safe & built like a tank, I know, I was at the other end of one! Then I read about head gaskets, timing belts, and how the cup holders hold 2 Vente's from Starbucks. Then I remembered, my buddies dad always had Toyota trucks & they were bomb proof too. That lead me to the world of tacos. Then I remembered when I was in the military way back when, my parents looked at 4Runners & Pathfinders. I found 4Runners, but lord some of those owners are on drugs, then I found an XTerra or two & thought the same. Well, while cruising street view, I found the dealership, checked out their used inventory, and saw a 1 owner 2001 Pathfinder LE with 61k miles. IN 2018!!! Couldn't be true, but at 8pm at night I drove straight to the dealership & sure enough, there it was! Tan leather, really clean except for the typical rust bubble near the wheel wells, only on the passenger side & a little on the passenger rocker panel. Dealer started out on drugs by saying $8500 out the door. I just kept saying the same thing, over & over to him. $6,000. He came back at $7500. $6000!!! Then $7000. $6000!!! After 30 minutes of him bring my number to his "sales manager", he agreed. But...that's not where it stopped. I then brought up a noise I heard, and said unless that gets fixed, I don't want it. Yeah, I think that noise was really just the top of my head rubbing the headliner since I'm 6'2". Hey, new ball joints or whatever, so I won't complain. Oh, and they had to fill it up! Been driving it for 2 weeks & using it like I do any other vehicle I have owned. I'm impressed, really liking it. Gas mileage, yeah not so much, but damn this thing is really clean for its age. Only thing I need to do soon is replace the front struts & get some new tires. So, because of that, first thing I did, that probably everyone who purchased their first 4x4 does...Google "lift kits", "lifted 2001 pathfinder", "2001 pathfinder all terrain tires". Yeah, wasn't totally excited, but then I found this place & now I shall lurk & go over everything for the next week or so, and the excitement level went up a little.

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