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  1. The are lots for sale in the UK But this post is just to put my pic on the forum home page.
  2. wow not much to post about in Canada eh. I remember this recovery.
  3. just got beat so bad my mom called to see if I was OK
  4. me on the hydro line in Minden Ontario. petespath​
  5. nothing like wheeling in a set of road tires, just giver!
  6. Hi I got the bolts loose but the outer tie rod will not move.
  7. anyone ever removed the grease fitting on the drive shaft, mine is no longer taking grease, not sure if it is worth while to even look into but I thought I would ask the group.
  8. Nice pic. would have liked to gone on the trail.
  9. I signed up. Its a nice site.
  10. Well I have ruined a good pair of tires. Not sure the issue is extreme camber or toe in, but the front tires are both worn on the inside edge. What is the cause, just an alignment issue, or inner and outer tie rods? Thanks Pete.
  11. My day time running lights do not work, looking for possible causes and solutions to check for.
  12. any more details on this repair, after checking the link on this topic they refer to a "clip" when I pulled the glove box and trim I did not see any clip on the plastic box that holds the filters. also when you cut the plastic open I was just thinking of resealing it with black electrical tape. and checking the filters a few times a year.
  13. That would be me wheeling in Northern Ontario.
  14. did I see one photo with your side step rails still on?
  15. great looking truck, but still prefer the unimog over a G wagon.
  16. check out this company as well, no minumum required. www.staangsfab.com
  17. looks like a great trip. would like to see pics and video.
  18. post up a trial run either here or on CNTC and I would like to go.
  19. Cdn tire did something right??? OK the Meyans were right the word is going to come to an end.

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