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  1. The backspacing for your wheels, like trainbrain stated, is for 31" tires. Although it was recommended for the lift, I obtained my 31" tires prior to the lift so my rims /tires still rubbed. I wouldn't know if it would have rubbed the same since my fenders disappeared on the a trail after I had did all the trimming. (What a waste of time, LOL)
  2. The lift is complete. No spacers needed. My front end has dipped since, so adding a strut spacer would even it out. Haven't.done it yet, but I will when I decide on the Sub-Frame Drop.
  3. It actually is a brand. Automotive Customizers, www.4x4parts.com It's a suspension lift.
  4. How's this? R50 https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/19962004-r50-pathfinder-ring-pinion-gears-c-38_1322_1349.html?osCsid=5geoa6832to1df892pv4i5h8e7 WD21 https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/19851995-wd21-pathfinder-ring-pinion-gears-c-38_1321_854.html?osCsid=5geoa6832to1df892pv4i5h8e7
  5. Well that sucks. I posted the one from last year. This Friday, March 11 is the meet for 2016.
  6. Old Man Emu Rocky Road Outfitters http://www.rocky-road.com/nissan-pathfinder-lift-kit.html Rugged Rocks https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/19962004-r50-pathfinder-suspension-components-c-38_1322_1339.html?osCsid=01thko3fgfbbee58gj8jv197j4 Have you thought of the AC Lift?
  7. http://totalautomotiveperformance.com/3rd-annual-nationwide-nissan-meet/ Not sure if any of you have heard of this.
  8. Go with 31x10.5 the rub isn't that bad and you're getting a lift soon anyway. Enjoy the new rubber. I'll try to post a pic.
  9. The resonator simply muffles the excess sound that escaped the muffler. I've been wondering what it sounded like if the resonator was removed. Seems like it sounds nice despite the drawbacks.
  10. Anyone have any issues pairing these bad boys? I just received my Rocky Road super sliders and on Friday I'll be accepting my complete skids from 4x4Parts. It's my Pathy's 19th year and I'm happy to finally complete it for the desert trails. I was looking at the mounting points and I'm anxious of how they might bolt up. Can anyone ease my worries?
  11. Can we all use this? If so, does anyone have these plans saved? Thanks
  12. Depending on the year,the Pathfinders wheels went from 15-16. If yours is a 96 like it says in your profile, it will fit. I run the ones with the same specs. Enjoy.
  13. 5-30/10-30 with Restore Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Tapatalk
  14. Nice, but is that a 2005 Pathy or was this shot in 2005? I was sure the model changed for that year. I wish I could fish from my vehicle.
  15. I believe its highly recommended for an alignment after any adjustments are made to the struts. I've also just installed the lift on mine but I'm waiting for it to settle wee bit more before the alignment. If you add the spacers you'll have to do it again IF you've already got one done.
  16. Someone had stated previously that with the missing link in place, it prevents the engine from dropping in the event of a collision. Especially pertaining to those that a are fully boxed. There is one that is built to break off and allow the engine to drop but I forget who posted it.
  17. Science Sent from my Windows Phone using Board Express
  18. Did you mess with your battery terminals at all?

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