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  1. Thanks, I will try them tomorrow.
  2. Anyone know where I can get a replacement throttle body for my 1989 SE V6?
  3. Same 2002 SE 5-Speed three years later, 75,000 miles, Missing Link, LE 17" wheels, Warn Hubs, 3" exhaust with Magnaflow muffler, OME rear springs and Step Rails removed.
  4. Today I took off my Blizzak 17" tires and replaced them with my Michelin 16" tires, even though we got 13" of snow two days ago. I know I don't have cool rims, just factory LE and SE rims, but they work for me so I am happy with them. I'm tired of winter and an putting on my summer tires no matter what Mother Nature does. Blizzaks Michelin Tom
  5. I never tried them on the rear of my 2002, just the front and the brakes are too large to fit the Lego Wheels. The stock 15" steel wheels off a 89 won't fit over my front brakes either. Tom
  6. Bolt pattern is fine, but they won't bolt up to my 2002 in front.
  7. No, my HD works just fine other than the front speakers. I took a HU out of a 2004 and put it in my 2002 and even though the front speakers work perfectly in the 2004, they do not in my 2002. There must be a connection where the harness out of the HU splits off to the door speakers and that much be where the open connection is. Right now it's too cold to completely tear the truck apart just to find that spot, which is why I was hoping someone here already knew where it was. Tom
  8. not to kick a dead horse, but does anyone know if there is a connection for the front speakers somewhere between the back of the head unit and the doors? New head unit, still no front speakers from either side, so somewhere there is a open connection before the speakers in the doors as well as the tweeters. I know the tweeters run off the amp for the door speakers. Tom
  9. I just got under my 2002 and the stock pipes that feed into the "Y" are 1 3/4 exactly! Tom
  10. I had the whole thing done at Meineke Car Care in Santa Rosa CA, no idea what each part cost.
  11. Same as the original pipes that came with the truck. It's too snowy to get under it today to measure them, but I seem to recall they were 1 3/4". Tom
  12. For some reason I couldn't edit my post: The SS tip coming out the back off the 2 1/4" pipe is 3 1/2". Tom
  13. I have a Magnaflow muffler on my 2002, with a two into one up front and a single 2 1/4" pipe at 45°, with a SS tip out the back which I really like. It sounds great, and helped my gas mileage quite a bit. Tom
  14. Thanks, I decided on a Pioneer Double Din BT, without NAV, now it just has to get warmer so I can install it.
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