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  1. Now i've posted on here before and have not gotten respectful answers no offense to anyone who has replied to any of my posts... But I am new on here and just need advise. I have an r50, and have a 2 inch spacer lift. I have 16 inch wheels. I want to know the biggest tires I can go. I want an aggressive look and just want a big tire. I will be getting ac coils here shortly and just need bulk tires. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. did your cb radio come with the whole kit? the cable included?
  3. did you use just spacers and new struts for your lift?
  4. I run 6 lug 16s. I'm not sure if they came off of a chevy or a ford, almost any 6 lug wheel is compatible
  5. Hey all! looking at a bumper guard or grill guard or bull guard. don't need anything crazy expensive just something simple. What are some ideas I can put together? I am willing to fabricate one as well. What is every one going with?
  6. What type of roof rack are all of you guys running with? I'd like to know what I should get! thanks in advance!!
  7. I am just about to purchase a set of 30 x 9.5 x 15 I want to make sure those really look good before I buy, anyone on here running that set up I'm getting a 2 inch lift as well. POST em up please!
  8. Hello, I'm new on here, but I just bought a 96 pathfinder se. looking for an upgrade to tires. I'm getting a 2 inch lift, what tires are best for stock 15 inch rims? looking at 31x 10.5 is that a good size? I have a friend selling his 275s with 17s. are those 2 big? Let me know what will work. much appreciated.

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