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  1. I have a 2003 Pathfinder and Husky does not show a set of liners for that model. They do have a set for the 2004. Is there any significant difference between the 03 and 04 that would not allow them to work?
  2. thanks for the heads up guys. learning to love this machine
  3. This is the first time it has gotten cold since I became an owner. On the road first thing this am, the rpm's did not drop as normal at 55mph. After a few miles and it warmed up, it shifted as per normal. Is this normal for the 2003 Pathfinder?
  4. Opps, it is a 2003. I had been driving a 2005 Escape for so long, I put the wrong year model. I put in spacers in the front springs to level the front and new booster shocks on the rear. It handles the sand very well. Thule racks on the top and a anadoized rack on the rear, with a hitch extender/lift to keep it out of the sand on the ramps. The extension also allows the hatch to lift and access the cargo space.
  5. This is my Pathy in full equiped mode for Hatteras Island NC.
  6. Thanks for the imput. Yep, all fluids will be replaced. Will check on the screws and apply loctite.
  7. My new to me Pathfinder 2003 is turning 100k. The recommended maintence is change the timing belt and water pump. Checked with my mechanic of 25 years and learned I have a timing chain. He said he would not replace it at this point. I asked about the water pump and his statement was if not broken do not fix it. The belts and fluids are all being changed. As well as rear shocks and new exhaust. Any other things I should do and or look for?
  8. Well, after this moonson I have found my first issue. It appears the sunroof has a leak. I will check the drains first and move from there. I am about 30 min north of Fayetteville. But, yes OBX SOBX are my haunts and have been for over 30 years. Is there a lift for the 2003? Nothing radical, maybe a couple of inches.
  9. Just a short introduction. I am a surf fisherman and just purchased a 2003 Pathfinder. Starting to do some work on it and will post up images as I get to it. Appears to be the site for information on what and how to do it.

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