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  1. Lots of XJ owners wave and samurai owners do too
  2. Lol. Every time I see one on the road I wave and they just stare at me like wtf is up with this dude.
  3. The River Rat. Because I drove it down a river with some buddies and it never got stuck unlike them lol.
  4. Input shaft bearings are loud in all gears except 4th. Been doing this since August. How long until she bombs? I'm guessing another year
  5. It's a box my buddy made with a bigass ports 3" tuned to mid 30's. Around 33-34. I'm thinking about selling it quite honestly and buying the SA-12 because it dims the damn headlights and is kinda annoying. If I got the sa-12 I could keep the 4AWG wire and not have to worry about getting new stuff. We can just take the top piece off the box and recut another piece of wood to fit the 12 and be set.
  6. I'll figure out how to get a video on here one of these days.
  7. Bet that thing hauls ass if you build it right
  8. Whats up ya tweakers. I've been gone for quite sometime, I know. In that time I have acquired a new skill. Getting sound tickets in the Walmart parking lot. How? Well, I now have a Sundown Audio U-15, Soundqubed 2250 amp, Cheap ass Rockford 4 channel amp running to the door speakers and rear speakers.. 4 Gauge wire running to both amps. This thing slaps like Chris Brown on Rihanna ok. This thing will induce bowel movements. I've set off alarms with this thing. It is no joke. Ladies like it too ? if ya know what I mean.
  9. So I've been driving her a little hard for a couple weeks and I've noticed something. At idle, I can hear a faint ticking but not when moving or accelerating. When I rev the engine up to about 2.5k, as its going back to idle, it sputters like pa pa pa pa but really fast and sometimes when I come to a stop it'll idle really high around 1.5k. I just got the oil changed last night, conventional 5w30 cause I'm a frugal mf'er. Any ideas?
  10. Leaks coolant at random ass times and overly expensive parts
  11. All the Georgia peaches that rode in mine love it for some reason. They like the sound system a lot too but I can't seem to figure out why....? Except my mom. She hates riding in it because, "It's too loud! It smells like exhaust! It's too high! etc."
  12. Yup. What he said^ lol. Thats what I mean by good stories from the yeehaw method. Although, on my YZ250, the yeehaw method works everytime!
  13. There's two kinds, the dry and crumbly kind that has a somewhat corny taste then there's the sweet and moist kind. I love em both
  14. I relate to the lightbar wind noise. Next time you come to that water crossing, yeehaw that QX4 harder than any soccer mom that's 30 minutes late to their kids practice and see what happens lol. I tend to have luck when I take that approach. Got some good stories about it too
  15. There are a few good write ups on this. If you're wanting to turbo the 3.0, its 95% fabrication which will cost you about the same or more depending on what materials you use (Turbo, piping, inter-cooler, injectors etc.). The VG33 swap is your best bet in this situation. A plus with the 33 is a good engine especially if you're wanting more power and it's a good motor to add power too. Here's a link to a good deal of info on the VG33 : https://z31performance.com/forum/z31-performance-upgrade-forums/engine-mechanical-aa/7941-the-vg33e-information-thread
  16. Got my windows tinted a few days back. Floored it in 2nd up to 5k at 45 mph. I'm curious, whats the rev limiter set at? I wanna see how fast I can get this bad bitch up to in each gear *except 4th and 5th. I've already done that lol*
  17. Somewhat unrelated, Could you use larger fuel lines in an effort to increase performance? Obviously that means you'd have to possibly mess with the timing and such but just wondering. Not that I'm wanting to do it, just popped into my head
  18. It's just a saying really. Down here in the south, or at least true southerners as yours truly, we like cornbread. A lot
  19. Yea I went out and measured it, the wiper hasn't been an issue with my American Flag/Pledge decal and I rarely use it anyway. I'm not concerned with the view either really. I'm about to gopher it and see what happens
  20. They don't have a 25 one. You can do 20x5 or the 48x11
  21. It won't taste right but it can be lol. I love gluten
  22. I like yall canadians. Mainly Albertans but you got a special spot cause you got a pathy lol
  23. I'm gonna try and make it work. Hell yea bubba
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