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  1. If you let it wear out enough it should be easy. Invest in a torch, a little heat and she loosened right up. also get a 3/8" drill bit for the bushings. Unfortunately the upper hinge itself started wearing so i still have a bit of slop, but much better than before.
  2. I like imgur. I'm unsure of the limit of storage though.
  3. Spent 5 hours replacing my door hinge pins & bushings. Lower pin was pretty tight in there, took some heating with a torch but got it out. Upper pin and bushings came out easy. Had to drill out one bottom bushing. Had to go buy a $10 drill bit because i don't have a regular drill. I also soaked the new bushings in motor oil, to impregnate them with some lubrication. Forgot to take more pics, the skeeters were getting bad. Now I have a non-saggy door, and a bunch of mosquito bites.
  4. Napa golds are rebranded wix. Carquest are made by champion labs to carquest's specs. As per a Carquest representative.
  5. Cross references to Fram TG8A Purolator :30001 Mobil M1-301
  6. Ford fl-1 will be correct for pitch and gasket, never tried squeezing it in there. I also just put in four quarts. No big deal there.
  7. The lower panel by the seatbelt is what i took off to get to the wires, they'd came unplugged when I replaced my seat belts. So I popped off the panel to plug them back in. When I was getting the panel snapped back in, i noticed the little storage cubby under the triangular window wobble. They come out, and seemed to leave just enough room to get an arm in to get to those wires. Didn't try, since it'd already been fixed, and I didn't feel like crawling into the back seat.
  8. Huh. Maybe the seal is slipping forward on the piston? But you'd probably get it to blow out if you gave it a good shot if that was happening.
  9. If you had a separate feed like a hydraulic cylinder then it could, since you have another circuit for the fluid to feed into and not externally leak. Multi piston calipers still have one feed line. There just isn't anywhere else to go, other than through the seal. Even a 4 pot still only has one feed. All the passages are pressurized, so even if they bypassed into each other there'd be no difference because the pressure would be equal.
  10. Took the interior side panel off and fixed my speaker wiring, then found out that the little cubby comes out and i could have reached everything through there.
  11. nissanpartsdeal.com will get you a part number, you can order through them, but I've never done so. Alkorahil? i think his name is on the forum, can get Nissan parts for a discount, not sure i spelled his name right.
  12. Brake calipers can't internally bypass. There is no secondary circuit to bypass into. There is one square cut seal that the caliper seals with. Then there's a dust boot. The only place for the fluid to internally bypass is the master cylinder.
  13. The only other thing I can think of is to make sure all your connections are nice and clean, make sure the ground strap on the engine is clean and tight. I had gear oil wick up my speedo cable and coat the back of the gauge cluster on my pickup, made the fuel and temp gauges really slow and seemed to read low. Cleaned it up and the gauges worked correctly.
  14. Did you change the brake hoses as well? Sometimes they collapse internally and form a one way valve of sorts. They're also usually pretty cheap so it might not hurt anyways, since they may be original.
  15. Some WD21s came with rear discs. As far as finding one you'll probably have to scour some JYs.
  16. The electric gauges are very slow. The one on my pickup will get up to 40 at idle, takes about 2 minutes. Gauges that are directly hooked up to oil pressure are very responsive. But you run the risk of springing a leak.
  17. I did the same, except at 55. Broke the turn, marker, headlight, and bent my straight fender a little. Had deer hair in my bumper for a month or so. My pathy is in the shop getting the windshield replaced and the rust on the window frame fixed.
  18. I think there is two different offset fans. Ran into this with an 01 Xterra.
  19. It had a bad pump and the shaft had a lot of play. But yes, maintenance and vigilance is key.
  20. Try bleeding your back brakes as well. It sounds stupid but I replaced my calipers and the pedal didn't feel right until I did that. Plus getting fresh brake fluid in the system Didn't hurt. Does it squeal only when braking or all the time?
  21. I was saying I've done it on the side of the road. I made it to an off ramp because it was the PS belt. Without the splash guard you can reach the tensioners from the wheel well pretty easily.
  22. Eh, I've done it before. Not comfortable but you can get to everything through the wheel well with a wrench... Granted my splash guards are missing so that may make it easier. Skid plate was still on as well.
  23. The only thing about that is you can't know if they need replaced without pulling the bearings out and inspecting them. FWIW I changed out the original NTK bearings at 260k on my Pathfinder. They weren't awful but there was some spalling on the inner race. On my pickup I changed them at 185k because they'd never been serviced and they got hot.
  24. Yeah you should be able to unbolt the carrier and put it in the other rear end. You'll have to pull the axles first. The door switch is probably broke. The little spring deal might be broken.
  25. We went through like 6 duralast alternators in our Buick. Try a different parts house.

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