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  1. It's so lovely having all of you blokes as my cheerleaders! It has been noisey for over a year, about a week ago, it began making it sound like my truck was reving at higher RPMs, and after two days, it returned to being noisey and hasn't been that higher sound since.
  2. Has anyone ever rebuilt one? If so, what would be the steps, what do I need to look for if it's not warped or anything? Also, I was looking at RockAuto for parts and it was suggesting a fan clutch wrench. Is that absolutely necessary? I will be doing the work myself and just want to make sure that I have all the necessary equipment before I leave myself stranded. I will be replacing all the belts at this time, including the timing belt and water pump. Any advice is greatly appreciated! On that note, I also saw a speciality tool for the pulley, is that also a good tool to have on hand? Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I'm British, I'm allowed to be cheeky
  4. This was a brand "new" Nissan reman starter, so nothing to clean. Not sure what to check for when it comes to wiring, there is so many in the steering column plus I don't have rodents chewing at them :}~ Just baffles me how it works flawlessly for 2 weeks and then plays dead. And it has worked flawlessly since. But of course, it's just waiting for the right time to iritate me! LoL If it was a short, shouldn't it be misbehaving a lot more? I drive my truck like a truck, and not some wussy afraid to go over a rough road or weirdly angled driveway.
  5. Maybe you are Super Human???? Thanks to all your information, I did discover where the wire goes, but the area is tight, like a typical rice burner, so I'll look into it again when I change the oil/ filter. Call me lazy
  6. I did because you said so earlier, glad you did! One of the times I was trading out the Nissan dead starter for the old starter, I found out the sparky way that I forgot to disconnect the battery.... I had pulled the original one, replaced the "new" one, it was dead. I pulled the "new" one out and reinstalled it, just in case, but really, not much to installing a starter. It was still dead. Put in the one from O'Reilly back in, it started back up. But in all of that, I lost count somewhere of when I did and didn't disconnect the battery. Oops.
  7. Thank you, I am going to attempt it either later, or tomoddo. I've "replaced" a lot of starters lately, but it was the last time that this mystery wire said "oy!"
  8. Does this mean from being underneath the truck or leaning over "changing the oil filter" position to the left? Are you all thinking I am going to have to replace the part so I can refeed this into that new part?
  9. My truck did do what the last one did, eventually started after a long time out period (no key in the ignition), just letting it sit. I do work out several times a week, but I know that I can't push my truck, plus, I wasn't wearing a top like in my signature to get any guy's sympathy Is there a thread on the ignition or what steps can I take to trouble shoot that? Or is it as simpe as replacing it? http://beergarage.com/PathIgnition.aspx It is the original ignition.
  10. I installed a remanufacutred one over a year ago from Checkers/ O'Reilys & about a month & a hald later, the starter had a 50/50% chance of working. I finally installed a Nissan reman almost 2 weeks ago & it didn't work. I've had the Nissan replacement not even 2 weeks installed & today it won't start. I'm sitting in a super market car park in a town where I don't know anyone, no AAA, no hills to pop the clutch on -hoping it will at least act like the Checker's one, and suddenly work. Any ideas? Did the starter fail? Does my truck hate starters with a passion? Is it time to win the lottery so I can afford AAA?
  11. Thank you for that! I'll have to figure out how to get it back on. No oil light has been on.
  12. I went to replace my starter and behold! A wire is just hanging out there. Where does it go? What is it's purpose? My truck runs fine with it dangling there. I have traced it to to the other group of wires for the starter, but then it takes it's own path and I wonder if it goes on that dealy in the 3rd picture that's located just below the starter???? BTW Thanks to Nissan selling me a dead starter and then exchanging it, I feel like an expert starter installer now
  13. Did your pathy have cruise control? According to the trouble shooting steps, the ASCD needs to replaced. I bought a used one from Ebay, but that didn't resolve the issue...
  14. after I got 98% of the prior sealant off, i discover that the leak is coming from the pump itself. There's quite a thin rubber ring there. And I was also wrong by the sealant brand, it's Permatex -two fails in one thread!
  15. LMAO I'm not having fun pulling off the old blue sealer I used, blech I'm fine with resealing the gromit. It looks fine, it's flexible. I just want to re-seal it and not have to do it again in 3 or so months. So what's the best sealant?
  16. I used some blue sealant last time by Loctite found in the automotive section at Walmart -that worked... for 3 months. Now I've got a leak again. Any suggestions what I should use for longer sealant? Is there something in the wiper fluid that is slowly disolving the seal? It's where the motor is inserted into the plastic, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had this issue so you know where I speak of.
  17. thank you, that helps tremendously!
  18. greasable or nongreasable? Which is better? And has anyone used MevoTech before? I take comfort it's made in Canada and not China....
  19. I'm extremely grateful for the info!!! I did try the silicone spray -there seemed to be an improvement, but then it got slow again. Maybe I didn't use enough? Maybe I didn't spray it in all the right places? I appreciate the pics, that may be a future project of mine. Work is just really wearing me out -I just want to veg when I get home... especially now that I know I need to replace the ball joints (I looked at the steps on that wonderful website you provided earlier in this thread) -sucks ruining expensive tyres...especially when you're already broke and behind on inportant bills.... like rent... but the right tyre won't hold much longer driving 50 miles a day. Blech. With the starter (that has yet to be replaced) sometimes, just holding the key in place, of course the clutch all the way down -sometimes after 20 seconds of holding that position, the truck will start up. Putting it in reverse doesn't have an effect, like one stated earlier... soooo looking forward to being caught up financially... I love my truck & I just want it to be like it was
  20. OMG noooooooooooooooo!!!! LoL I'm getting the OEM when it's in the budget (So far, starter is playing nice) -so I don't become a supreme expert starter installer BTW, I tried the silocne spray on the window -it didn't want to go back up!! (the original issue to the passenger window not working was resolved with duct tape to make sure the connector in the door panel wouldn't come loose every again ... I tugged on the tibit of window that was peering from above the door, and it decided to move -just as slowly as before I thought I'd let it sit overnight and try again...
  21. Thank you for your encouraging advice!!! When I get downtime at work, I'll seeking out that hatch! So looking forward to resolving this!
  22. I had some downtime yesterday at work and was looking through the Haynes book -and I see there are 4 hoses, plus a plug. Now what I want to know, once I get the gas tank cover off the truck, will these hoses be easily accessible or is there an easier place to access them without removing the tank? The leak looks slight. I'm assuming based on age, and that I used to live in super hot Las Vegas for most of my Pathy's life, that it's something rubber that is leaking... I just won't have help with such repair if it requires removing the tank....
  23. I do buy USA whenever possible, and I do believe in getting what you pay for! Once I have the funds, I will be getting a starter from you, Rob! FYI Rob, I replaced the starter myself last time.... I know the process will go quicker this time
  24. Thanks for the tips! Looking at the link that b0dy provided, wooo just made me extra tired LoL It doesn't help that I clean livestock trailers 6 days a week... It just looks like a job that is going to eat up my only day off, so I'll play with it after I have a replacement installed. I'm going to try that window tracks tip tomorrow, thank you -I'm really looking forward to see if that does the trick!

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