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  1. My front passenger window works great rolling down but soooo sluggish rolling up -I wonder if that could help....
  2. So what type of equipment/ cleaner do I need to clean it? FYI this behaviour began prior to the oil change that eventually followed 2 months later.... if it matters.
  3. Having a starter that outlives my truck? Not being stranded is a dream!!! I was thinking that my Pathy's original starter wasn't replaced until it was 10 years old! You've all been extremely helpful! And definitely, if the starter was in an easier spot, I can see with going with the cheaper!
  4. ahardb0dy, I completely get why you've 86ed remans from your life!! Wow what a pain! How long have you been using your Pure Energy? Is an OEM starter going to equal better longevity? I'm not looking for cheap, I'm looking for price that is going buy me the most time. I appreciate you doing a search for parts stores near me!!! You're sweet!
  5. I just replaced the starter in May of this year. In July, it began to act like it was failing... and getting worse. Unfortuantely, it's quite flat where I live and work, so no popping the clutch.... My prior starter lasted 4 years. I'm quite sure it was same brand (Ultima) from Checker aka O`Reily auto parts that has recently disappointed me. I have a Napa Auto Parts, Autozone, CarQuest, and Advance Auto within my area. Thank you, your recommendation will be greatly appreciated!!!
  6. Thank you please forgive that I was hoping someone who had experienced the exact thing would have the exact answer for me but I will dig through that next. Thank you again;)
  7. Forgot to mention (Don't see an edit button for above), if this helps, that if I push the accel button, it kind of responds, creeps a tiny bit up, but it's not performing as it did years ago...
  8. I've just found this thread and read every single post! No one answered info about the recall (that I'm more than sure missed out on due to my milage) bought 95 Pathy in 99 with 60k miles. I lived in Las Vegas from 96 until 2 months ago. Now I have to worry about rust! alternator went out a few months later, haven't had to replace since. rolled over 244,000 yeserday! original engine, though I believe it has the same oil leak other's have mentioned. I'm on the 3rd cluth but to be fair, my ex had taken it in thinking because it was 2003 that the clutch is "old" and should be repaired. The place that allegedly put in new clutch, less than a year later, the throw-out bearing went. I'm on the same clutch from 2004 and no issues. I'm on the 3rd starter (original one died in 2007) (this time, I learned to replace it myself ) shocks/ struts: original... I would like to replace them once I can spare the $$$.. kinda squeaks sometimes LoL exhaust manifold has not been repaired since 2003 (again, it's about money) 2nd timing belt -replaced water pump at that time since original replaced after 60k purchase. Original a/c lasted until 2004, I'm on my 3rd after market since. Recently replaced the cruise control switches (the pedals area) O2 sensor in may -engine light stayed off for a bit, but it's back on, supposedly the code points to fuel injector. Anyone replace that? slight leak w/ gas tank. I wonder if it's a seal that needs replacing? I never smell it. the tank cover has some damp spots, never soaked sway arm replaced both CV boots cracked for years now. Will get those replaced before winter, since it sounds like I'll need my 4x4 now that I just moved to Ohio... Otherwise, those are original
  9. So road trip wasn't as pleasant as it could have been....especially lacking the use of this feature and not realising I had gone the wrong way on a highway...an hour into it The vacuum hose was replaced in May, it's quite snug on there, but no clamps. I tightened the throttle cable as you inspired. It will set but the speed keeps dropping...and dropping...and dropping until it just kicks off the cruise control. This is on flat land or downhill. I set it at 65 and it kept dropping until it was nearly at 48mph andit kicked off. Any other suggestions? Thank you tremendously in advance.
  10. Thank you kindly, all!! There was a tidbit of slack with the throttle cable, the road trip is tomorrow, so it won't bet tested until then. Cheers!
  11. That was replaced at the time I replaced the switches since it was cracked, but I will definitely double check on that! So if anything else comes to mind, please share! Thank you thank you thank you !!!!! You guys rock!
  12. Please forgive me if this has been covered before, I'm sorry that I couldn't find it Lets say I set the Cruise at 55, it will drop to 50ish. Before the cruise control release switches failed, it didnt have this issue. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  13. I found you guys because of this thread and it has been extremely helpful and I want to contribute just in case for others who are struggling.... 4 years ago, the horn stopped working on my 95 Pathfinder, and like one said about the copper "pins" and the steering wheel contact area being dirty, was true, but what not only fixed the horn but also got the cruise control to work, was readjusting that part so that that the pins were making proper contact. The cruise control began woring then, too. Of course, I kept thinking this would fix the cruise if that part was replaced, nope. And then the cruise stopped working, the horn has continued to work to this day. Not driving any more than 45 min at a time for my longest stretches, it didn't matter. But this Friday, I am moving to Ohio and of course the cruise control will be greatly appreciated being that I am the only driver in the vehicle. The vacuum hose on the back of the actuatorl was cracked, but it didn't seem like that was the issue, but replaced the hose anyways. So these switches http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/BA00/2011733/01967.oap?year=1995&make=Nissan&model=Pathfinder&vi=1212017&ck=Search_01967_1212017_2655&categoryRedirect=01967&pt=01967&ppt=C0039# located above the break and for me, the clutch (the plug is brown, in the pic it looks gray) so taking the one off the break that matches the same colour plastic as on the clutch, one rattled, but both, when taking apart, had broken copper pieces in it. The blue one on the brake was taking apart, was fine and intact. Next, we used a small piece of bailing wire for each danging plug and made a conduit (each one looping back into itself but on the other slot on the same plug) took a test drive and BOOM! Cruise control works! I'm sorry if my detail is a little dull, I'm sure there is someone who wasn't quite sure what they were doing that could benefit from this information.

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