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  1. Tomorrow, I will be buying a 2002 Pathy and I was once dead set on getting a grill guard to protect my truck from deer (I will be moving to Ohio in 2 weeks) and then I've come across different opinions, but not from a Pathy owner. I wish it came with one, but it was hard enough finding one that was stick shift!!!! So I wonder if any of you that have the grill guards and hit a deer how things turned out. If you would recommend such, which brand, and is it one I can install myself or better off having a speciality truck store do it? Sure, I love the look of the grill guard and always wanted one for my 95 Pathy, but if it's better off just for looks, then I shall hold off on getting one. Thank you in advance!
  2. Fantastic! I love my Pathy so much, wish I could say the same! It needs a lot of work now, but it continues to be black gold for me! And woohoo, Tuesday, I'm flying to Spokane to buy a 02 Pathy and I am going to drive it back! I've been seeking one with 4x4 stick shift, and with no exposure to rust. I know Spokane gets rust, but it was purchased in Cali so this will be the Pathy's first winter. It has had one owner. So excited!!!
  3. Just wow! My son will be 16 next year and has expressed that he would like this as his first vehicle. What a wonderful and loyal investment Pathys are!
  4. Oh wow! That's cool! I didn't even think about the mileage! I started at 60k and now I am over 291k... Same alternator since 99 for me
  5. I am just curious. This past April, marked 17 years of owning my 95 Pathy. What are your length of ownership? Thank you for sharing!
  6. Phooey! I was hoping it was an easy-ish replacement like the return hose! Thank you for the info, I will keep that in mind when it makes it on to my To Do List.
  7. I've been driving my Pathy for 17 years... such a loyal, faithful, and great protector! I know I will cry if that ever happens to my Pathy, but such comfort driving a tank! RIP Pathy, glad the boy is ok!
  8. I tell people mine is generic I'm seeking to purchase a 2001-2003 (manaul 4x4) and I'm not having any luck finding a manual -but I'll take any colour when I do!
  9. Does anyone remember what size hose it is for the high pressure side? I have replaced the low pressure hose, and the leak presist. There's so much grime, I thought it was all tracing back to just the return house but bwaaaaa! It looks like I can get away with just replacing the high pressure hose, yeah? Thanks for your help and info, blokes!
  10. My truck has been a champion, and I had only found one other dodgy modification in the 3 years I've been working on my truck. Thank you, that certainly clears things up for me! Next time to pick a-part, let's see if I remember to seek out the bolt...though it's getting harder to find this model there
  11. I replaced my slave cylinder on Sunday, I discovered one, that I hate where it's located behind the frame and the exhaust, but what left me puzzled is the bolt that feeds through the fuel line into the slave had like 5 washers on it! Once removed, the bolt had threading only half way up and had a hole through the side. I've owned my Pathy for 17 years now, and this is the first time I am ware of, the slave has been replaced. A then boyfriend, rebuilt it about 7 years ago... Anyways, anyone can explain to me what's the deal with the bolt and all those washers would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I did that like a year ago and I still have not replaced the wire. I meant to tackle that when I changed the oil last month and totally forgot What do you suggest to replace it? Remove the starter to get to it or deal with the exhaust manifold area? Thank you in advance!
  13. Manual for me, as long as I am not going anywhere near Los Angeles or So. Cal, I'll be fine with traffic :}~
  14. Thank you, I already have the FSM downlaoded and Kurrrupt was so nice to send me actual pictures!
  15. I discovered that mine fell off today, so what's worse? It seizing or it falling off? LoL I have the spacer washer and the tensioner bolts, yay. Glad it's not summer yet! I am looking at the parts pictures on ebay, and I am trying to figure out how to install just visually based on the images provided, but seems like something is missing! Sigh
  16. LoL you're fun, kdj! Prior to the fan clutch replacement, the engine just sounded like it was reviving super high, there was no squealing. I just assumed that the belt would had taken a beating from being driven from the point where the fan clutch failed in December, until now. There is a slight squeal now, I can't figure out if the belt is making it from the alternator area, or the fan clutch area. It is nice to see that the fan clutch moves freely now! So what are you thoughts, kdj???
  17. Why does it say to use the gasket and the sealant? And that's how I originally found it. BTW thank you for your cheers and your pompoms! I was sooo nervous putting coolant in, but yay, I've been driving without leaking coolant! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I truly appreciate your words of encouragement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My timing belt was changed in 2012. I did have a look at it, becaues I was contemplating changing it since I was doing the other stuff, but I couldn't figure out how to get that doodad off that holds the pulleys (if it's with a chain wrench, mine was too short). The belt looks good, it's wet looking though. There was some greasy grim hiding the indentations though. So I have a new timing belt/ water pump, for when I can either sort it out on my own, or land a boyfriend that also knows what he's doing in that area! LoL
  19. I did scrape everything clean of silcone and prior gasket. My concern is if I could put it all back together too tight and create a space where coolant can leak through despite me gooping it up. If just waiting the 24 hours is my only issue, that's not a problem! I have not replaced any coolant yet. I saw a video where the guy let the silcone tack, and then he place the metal plate (it was not a t-stat he was working with) back in place with hand tightened bolts until the sealant began to present itself out the sides. And hour later, he then torque them in place. I am concern if I didn't do this, that I will have to start all over again. Thank you, I truly hope I can take the first post and just relax and bake imaginary cookies for everyone's helpfulness!
  20. Thank you for the advice, my fan clutch failed in December and this was the first week of above freezing temperatures, which is why I decided to change all the belts at once. I figured the fan clutch having siezed and continuing to drive it, it did a number on that belt anyhow. Thank you for your kind words...and yes, I am single! LoL I love my truck, and even if I wasn't skint, I'd still want to drive it! I would just have it painted like Optimus Prime with all the flames, that's the only difference if I had huge cash flow! LoL
  21. 95 Pathfinder There was no issue with thermostat, but my ex who's in another state, insisted that I should change it since I was changing the belts and don't recall having it changed the past 10 years. Anyways, I did not let the sealant tack before I tightly bolted it down. Should I have? I did put a decent amount of sealant on both sides of the paper gasket. Should I just start over again? Do you think gooping it up well on both sides of gasket will do the job? I have to be at work Monday at 8am and after I called it a day, I stumbled across a video where someone was demostrating how to use the RTV Silcone (that video did not have a paper gasket). Now I don't know if I am being a worry wort if I did truly goof. Thank you soooooo much in advance!!!!
  22. I just wanted to say thank you to all you helpers! You are all so kind, have patience, very respectful (you know, a lot of guys have it hard to believe that this girl works on her own truck when she can) and are tremendous! I spent the last many hours learning how to replace my belts since the fan clutch failed and it's been two years since the belts where last done and were showing wear, even if I don't post seeking help, I can always find what I need on this site! And if I can't, you are all so wonderful and quick to help! You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Precise 1, I agree, I am SOL.....Thank you for that. I ordered today... Stabworthy or one of you other kind gents, can you tell me what I will need the chain wrench for.
  24. Thank you all for allllllllllllll your help and putting in the time and effort to find me the videoes! I am soooo grateful for the advice on what tools to buy and what socket size I'll need. There is play with the fan, it does still function. I tried to get silicone spray in there, but sucked with the betls in the way and it being 6º, I wasn't going to work on my truck just yet (since I only have the street to use as my work area due to living in an apartment). Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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