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  1. http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/camshaft%20sensor%20bank2_zpsfabtwdzw.jpg I replaced the camshaft position sensor bank 2 last night, after a 10 hour shift. Sure, it's actually as easy to replace as I had hoped. But after a shift like that and it being hot out, I just wanted to get to bed ASAP. Any guesses to where I should look for this leak this weekend? The appearance reminds me of the brake fluid. Thanks in advance!
  2. Alright, I've replaced it. Here's pictures to help out the next person: Camshaft position sensor bank 2 http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/camshaft%20sensor%20bank2_zpsfabtwdzw.jpg There's a rubber fitting with it, mine was loaded up with thick black gunk, which seemed fine once I carefully scraped it all off: http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/washer%203_zpsgim55uju.jpg http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/washer1_zps2bpmyjhc.jpg I see I've got a leak somewhere above but the look of the oil pan, sigh
  3. I am posting this for future peeps that may come across my very issue. according to this website https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts-list/2002-nissan-pathfinder/distributor-ignition-timing-sensor.html?Diagram=221_F002 it's on the bottom right, closest to the engine. The part number for bank 2 is Nissan part 23731-4W000 http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/camshaft%20position%20sensor%20bank%202_zps8firyfgp.png
  4. The engine light came back on yesterday, with the same code. I am at a loss As you know, I scoured the schematics and I looked at the engine again, but I can't find something that duplicates the shape of the one that I did find in the front. Anyone got spot map/ instructions to locate it?
  5. Did you check if there were any bored cops on the board before you wrote that?
  6. It was definitely a regular thing in Vegas. I knew if a cop saw me, high probability that he'd intentionally get behind me. Then I start fidgeting like an idiot yet, I've done nothing wrong and have a clean driving record. Sure! That's a way to make a cop think he's on to something!
  7. Some men get putt off when I tell them the engine ticks until the oil gets spread about and gets warmed up. They don't see the value in my dream of one day rebuilding the engine. Someone being supportive is definitely the goal...and who doesn't mind if I want to get sloshing in the mud! In the west coast, WD21 fits in with what the illegals drive, so that's why I know I attract the police attention, but other than that, they see my crystal clean driving record and move on.
  8. That's fantastic that you got a girl you admires your WD21! Maybe in Canada that they give a crap about what you drive, but not what I had experienced when I had lived on the west coast. And when I'd drive my 95, the police would immediately run my plates!
  9. How's this one for off topic? Or maybe it's not that much off topic? I often wonder if I should just flat out seek another Pathy owner to date, for it tends to irk when potential boyfriends say I should get rid of my WD21 (no longer potential boyfriend ) I still get joy from driving WD21, or Truck, as I address 'em. But who am I kidding? I feel stunned when I can even meet a man who can change his oil. I once went on a date with WD21, just to test the bloke's character and his vehicle looked way worse than mine! You might say my dream is to date a man whom we can restore vehicles together. Anyone else find their Pathfinder being singled out?
  10. Almost pot on, mate! Not sure if you could find an appropes Pam Poovey clip for the forum. lol But such a nice feeling not having that engine light on any longer!
  11. I could only locate one sensor in the end, and whatever reason that Nissan part is labeled crankshaft sensor, it's the part I needed to replace, and everything is good under the 'hood once more. I had only noticed a slight off sound before the part replacement. I found it for $66 on ebay, but could had spent half that if I wanted non Nissan.
  12. Since I don't see a way to edit above, I wanted to ask some more questions because I am getting more confused. If I look up this part based on the number, clearly seen here: #1 http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/IMG_20180504_1849185_zpsai0lq3rt.jpg It matches the numbers on here #2 http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/IMG_20180504_1849185_zpsai0lq3rt.jpg but if you look up a crank shaft sensor, it looks like the one in the picture on the 4th link from previous post, also here: #3 http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/IMG_20180504_1849185_zpsai0lq3rt.jpg you see the second picture has the crankshaft sensor but that looks nothing like the 1st link in this post. And here's additional pictures of that first image/ link: #4 http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/IMG_20180504_1849185_zpsai0lq3rt.jpg #5 http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/IMG_20180504_1849185_zpsai0lq3rt.jpg Perhaps things are mislabeled or that I am over thinking things??? Thanks again for your all your help!
  13. The OBD2 gives code P0021, which, according to another thread, that means camshaft position sensor. I've looked at the manual and I can only locate 1 camshaft position sensor: It's listed here as #19 http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/manual%20-camshaft%20sensor0001_zpsxzqu8vgl.jpg Under electrical section: F36 (I've marked in purple) http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/manual%20-camshaft%20sensor0003_zps18ig3s36.jpg Which I base on what is on the list here: http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/manual%20-camshaft%20sensor0004_zpsuyt30jiv.jpg And because of how it's also called PHASE in above, I found it on the top picture here: http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj181/BWBlackarachnia/manual%20-camshaft%20sensor0002_zpspthcbmc2.jpg Other sites talk about one near a firewall, but it's not saying for my model specifically. I've also read others that have lost power, feeling like Pathy is a 2 cylinder. I don't want to get to that stage! Everything still runs like it was prior to the engine light. If there is a second one, where is it located and does it have a different name? Thank you sooo very much in advance!!!
  14. You guys rock! This information is so precious! Money is really tight right now, how long do you think I can stretch this? My light has been on for a week.
  15. I've done an upper ball joint, but I waited until it was 32º ...you just don't know how quickly my hands freeze! I don't know how people on Life Below Zero do the things they do when they take their gloves on in those temperatures...I do want the bouncy house feeling to go away....no, too cold! They're expecting it will be -12º on Saturday, and that will be my first opportunity time wise. Guess I don't want it that badly...haha One of those time it sucks being single!
  16. I'm cheap and I don't make much money to begin with, so crapola to me.
  17. Thanks Remus, my truly biggest concern is the snow on the ground and it being 2º at 7pm at night and dropping... I don't have a garage....
  18. The only warm spot I have access to is between my legs...but yay, shocks. It hope it's easier than the rear shocks were on my 95 Pathy... Weird how it makes the whole truck feel bouncy when I just see one problem shock.
  19. Great idea! I couldn't get the front to budge (not that I had a curb to play with, but I have some upper strength for a girl).... but the back was bouncy.
  20. I don't see anything wrong with the springs and because I am at work and in my uniform, plus, the R50 is parked in snow, I don't want to crawl underneath and get a better look at stuff. I do see the rear driver side shock looks greasy, which is discouraging. It will be dark by the time I get home, but I will see about grabbing a torch and crawling underneath if I need to help us out.
  21. Braking is normal, nothing has changed about that. Even driving down the road, it feels like I am on that suspend by strings toy horse that kids bounce on. I am sorry that I wasn't clear that it wasn't just braking, but it during driving. It was when I braked, I first noticed it and has been continuing since.
  22. We're on our second week of arctic temperatures here in Ohio and I don't know if that has something to do with it. Forgive me if I am unnecessarily starting a new thread... I don't take my pavement queen off roading... With the back end being light and easy to lose tracking, I drive this thing pretty gentle, especially with our winter conditions. Saturday, more than half way through running errands, when I went to ease to a stop for a red light, I noticed that the whole Pathy was bouncy with braking. I am a gentle braker, I've taken all paved roads the entire time. I don't know if the cold has something to do with it? Feels like the entire Pahty is bouncy and not just the front or back. Has anyone ever experienced this? How do all 4 shocks./ struts fail at once? Any ideas answers will be greatly appreciated! If anything requires me crawling underneath it or around it, keep in mind it was -1º for a while today so I have little motivation to be outside! hahah Thanks everyone!!!!
  23. Yup, the bigger one. I was trying to figure out the actual name for it before I posted on here, but a website called the dustcovers bump stops. Truck doesn't bump at all, quite a smooth ride. Such a huge difference from my WD21 :}~ I found a small crack in the CV boot dust cover -and that has a Nissan symbol, so most of what's on this truck could be original -I've only owned the R50 since December. Thanks again! You've been extremely helpful!!!

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