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  1. Yeah once I realized that it was down a cylinder I quit driving it. Thanks though I didn't realize all the possible repercussions. I just wanted to avoid further issues! From my Note II
  2. Well at 75mph in 5th gear on the interstate it is still running close to 4k RPM. I expected that to be lower. And mine has a coil down so I'm only running 5 cylinders and not getting that full 250hp. If your near central WV I've got the 01 manual up for sale. Gonna keep that 03 with the bulletproof auto trans I've decided. From my Note II
  3. Oh yeah I have scrapped the idea of doing the complete trans/motor swap into the 03. I'm decent with a wrench but not like that. I just really enjoy a 5speed. Once I figure out if this thing really will last me another 50-75k miles I'll be selling the 03 off as I really just plan to turn it into an offroading animal. Any ideas on how difficult it may be to swap power seats/motors all that into an SE with no such amenities? And does anybody know where to find a couple rocker panels for the r50? Mine are basically halfway rotted off and I'm sure any junkyard r50 (if even available) would be in the same rotted condition. From my Note II
  4. Well I got myself a 5 speed! Its an 01 SE has near 190k on the clock. Truck is in somewhat rough condition, it was pretty dirty inside.. Floors/carpets were rather clean however the stereo, shift lever boot, dash, and console not so much. I've already taken my LE 17" wheels and tires off of the 03 and put em on the 01(old ones had wires hanging out) they look great and it got rid of the wobble at higher speeds and the pull to the right. All she needs now is either a new belt or just a tighten to the old one if possible, a door pin, couple rocker panels, a dent pulled, and probly both transmission mounts. And of course I'm gonna try and transfer all the nice stuff from the 03 into it. (leather seats, maybe some of that fake wood paneling lol, floor mats, my double din pioneer, whatever will fit) Really pleased with it, and you wouldn't believe the price. I picked it up yesterday at auction for $450!! Only $546 after auction fees. Already feel like I'm saving on fuel! Might be wrong but I feel as though I am haha. At least I can toss it in neutral down a hill and not worry bout burning up my trans. Very pleased. From my Note II
  5. Piste I'm more interested in the 3.5L motor and trans setup. But all useful information is welcome. Even if I don't have much use I'm sure its just what someone was looking for. Anybody else have an 01-02 manual? What's your opinion on them? Let us know From my Note II
  6. Very nice one of the best looking pathys ive seen in that 96-99 bunch. & yeah I meant model year sorry. From my Note II
  7. Pinion what model was your path? From my Note II
  8. From what I can tell the only years a standard shift was not available was from 03-04. I believe they restarted production on the restyled 05 models. It would appear that from 01-02 as little as 5 out every 1000 PF produced were manual (No clue what real numbers were, just guessing here). But its extremely low numbers of manual trans. Again... any info on swapping a manual trans into a 01-02 PF is great and possibly a manual trans from 01 02 going into an 03 or 04 would be amazing. I'd only wished I looked into this back when I destroyed my first pathfinders trans and had to replace. (Not the pathys fault..)
  9. Okay just as I imagine it being! Thanks for the info gold. I've been on the lookout for an 02 with the 5 speed. There is a pretty good deal on a PF in southern Indiana its an 02 5 speed no rust with 95k on it. Probly get it down from 4500 to 4 even if anyone is interested.
  10. As you look around at our gen pathys for sale and on web pages you realize that there are not very many manual transmissions available. While I have come to realize that the automatic transmission is basically bulletproof in these things, I still wonder how great a 5 speed would be. I myself prefer one as I feel I can achieve better fuel economy while highway driving, and IMO a manual transmission tends to last much longer (besides of course additional costs for clutch replacements). I've read that at least for the 03-04 pathys the manual trans actually has 250 HP compared to 240 in AT trans. My questions in all of this are directed towards those that own a 3.5 pathy with a manual trans, how is it? Do you feel you achieve better MPG than an AT? (We get like 18-20) Is it as reliable as one might imagine? Also I'm curious if anyone has ever consider/pulled off an AT to manual swap in an r50 preferably information on 01+ 3.5L Thanks WV_R50
  11. Yeah I'm curious myself if the vehicle was painted later on, and if the scoop was installed at the same time as the repaint. Haha
  12. Damn that single scoop would actually look pretty good on the post face lift pathys. Your scoop plus the color really sets your ride a part.
  13. Haha thanks oath. I plan to hang onto em for a while anyway till I find a nice 6 lug deal somewhere. Plus I've got a 5th one underneath the truck in perfect condition! They made the same looking wheels that are in a more chrome looking finish for the 2004 platinum edition pathfinder. They'd look good too.
  14. Looks stock really. The sr5 had a stock hoodscoop that looked pretty good! Now i want one.

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