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  1. I’ve been thinking on this a while. I may have a solution. My dead R50 has the fuel thank on the left, my wd22 has it on the right. I’ve got to figure out some brackets and plumbing....one of my many summer projects.
  2. Up here in kanuckistan a 97 land cruiser is still in the $20,000 range. Crazy eh?
  3. Looks like I do have a pic on my build thread here “bushnut’s R50”. Its an old pick the only difference now is it sits a little taller. You only really notice when I’m parked next to a stock wd22.
  4. Sorry but I gave up on doing build threads after documenting my R50 here. The only things I could add to the above mods are: DIY roof rack, rear cargo shelf and divider, custom dog bed behind driver seat, manual hubs, Falken AT3w 265-75-16 LT. Love it.
  5. bushnut

    Oil sensors

    Could be oil pressure. Not sure where the sensor is though. Possibly near the oil filter.
  6. I haven’t towed with the X. The wheelbase is a little short for anything heavy. I think it tops out at 5000lb. As far as the cost of aftermarket goodies, well I believe you have to pay to play. My mods have been mostly overland oriented. Rear AAL, with shackles and timbren SES. Front was due for new ball joints so in went AC UCAs as well. Rancho 9000s all round. Unloaded its about 3” of lift. I’ve done about 10,000 km with this set up. I really like the simplicity of the truck. I do find the seating position in the 2nd Gen better. Though the 4x4 control is a dial vs a lever and is complicated by traction control systems. My X is smaller internally than the R50. Mine Being a 2002 it is old. A 2nd Gen could be as new as 2016. And you could get one with a factory rear locker. Hope this helps
  7. Check this out...the z31 had a turbo vg33; it won’t be cheep.
  8. After I retired the R50, I got a 1.5 Gen X. Price was right and I was familiar with all the mechanics. Aftermarket is ok and lots of good forum support (XterraNation.org). It’s been a winner. 2nd Gen is bigger, but may have more electrical gremlins. I’ll be looking at one eventually. Or maybe a frontier.
  9. I have a set on my Xterra. They work great as a overload ride enhancing product. As a bump stop they are a little rough. The rebound is fast. I would look into the off road bump stop instead. It seems to be only for the new X and Frontier though I’m sure they could be adapted to the R50 with some ingenuity.
  10. No need, I already have it. I was hoping someone may have found a work around for some of it. It’s gonna be a big job as I have a coolant leak as well. Heater hose and maybe one other. Gas tank is weeping if I fill it more than half. Poor truck is bleeding all over the place.
  11. VG33e. Just trying to figure out just how much stuff I have to remove before I can get to the pan.
  12. Any hints or tricks in removing the oil pan? Thanks in advance.
  13. You'll have no issues, as long as you do your install correctly. Everything Steve sell on his site has been tested in real world conditions on his own truck. top quality stuff.
  14. Short of just replacing with new, does anybody have a good idea on how to refresh old door seals? or at least make them a little more dust and water tight?
  15. wd22, aka 1st gen Xterra? I'm pretty happy with mine.
  16. anybody have an opinion on what is the best aftermarket oil pressure gauge for the vg33?
  17. the OEM shocks had some sort of electrically adjustable damping system. I drove one years ago and in "sport" mode there was way less body roll when powering through a corner. I'm pretty sure they are no longer available but it would be cool to track some down.
  18. try this,....https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1288512446&requestSource=b
  19. what oil weight are you using? I recommend using a heavier weight than what most oil change shops use. 10w30 at least, made a big difference in both my R50 and Xterra. (vg33 engines)
  20. you'll be sorry.....or you'll fall in love.....mostly it's kinda both...
  21. looks like you are on top of things bro. just remember next time a truck is not a submarine. (even with a snorkel)
  22. just went down to the auto parts store...same filter for both the 3.3L VG33 and the V8 5.6L. what was Nissan thinking? MY dads VW passat has more than 6L of oil in the VR6 engine..go figure?
  23. The darn thing is SO small. I was talking with a Nissan Micra Owner the other day and he said he uses the filter from a Titan. claimed that all Nissan engines use basically the same filter diameter and thread so the Titan one is longer and gives him more oil capacity and therefore better oil cooling as well. anybody have hard info on this before I head down to the local parts store and compare filters?
  24. while the qx 4 and pathfinder are "the same" not exactly....the hood line is different.so the fender doesn't match and the marker lights are slightly different as well. I have a qx fender on my pathfinder and it doesn't quit match the hood profile. and the pathy marker light didn't fit the shape of cut out in the fender. oh yea the connecter plug from a qx marker light is different than that of the pathy as well....PIA.
  25. were you using the cruse control? this has happened to me on the highway using cruse. shuddered and then everything went dead. turned out to be a bad speed sensor unit. located on the transmission.

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