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  1. Excellent, thanks for all the advice. I know I read somewhere that the fuel lines could rust, so I was thinking there might be a common area. I'll start checking the above mentioned areas.
  2. My pathy does not spend much time in the garage with the door closed when I am not working on it, but after changing spark plugs the other day it sat in there for a good 6+ hours while I did some stuff around town. After coming back, I noticed a smell of gas, not strong, but enough to make me think there is a fuel leak somewhere. I glanced underneath, but cant say I saw much, but its 100+ degrees where I live so I cant say I spent much time really looking. Is there a common place where the fuel lines leak, maybe even the tank.
  3. Sentras are kinda the plain girl. I'd rather mine pick up a 300ZX, or maybe a GT-R.
  4. Mine is originally from the Chicago area. No precat, still has the stock muffler
  5. Welcome! Round dash 4 door = Heaven.
  6. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=30745 That sticker pretty much sums it up. I mean, they got 15/18 when new, so you really cant expect much more than that. I've had a few freak tanks on long trips where I have gotten up to 20-21, but around town I'm happy to get 15.
  7. You are basically wanting to replace the leather on your current seats? Its either gonna be a dealer part that cost more than finding good leather seats in a wrecked vehicle, or just find a good upholstery place.
  8. The 87-89 2 doors came with the Z24's, those are relatively common. A 90+ 4 door with a KA in it, I was not aware was an option.
  9. I swear I tried searching, but couldnt come up with the answer I was looking for. My local Pick n Pull never has any of the JGC V8 models, and on top of that they want like 45-50 bucks for a pair of the coils. Looking at Rock Auto, it seems I can get a new pair for 70 bucks. My question is has anyone bought some from Rock, and which one did you buy? My luck I will buy a V8 spring and it will somehow be the wrong set, so I wanted to be sure. Sorry I know I am but my search just kept sending me to the same thread.
  10. They made a US built 4 door Pathy with a KA? Or did some of these members swap them in?
  11. Not super diehard, but I am a Sharks fan. Same story every year, we look good in the regular season and get our ass handed to us in the playoffs.
  12. Thats not too bad considering what the sticker price was in a different thread. Did you have to bargain quite a bit to get it down that low?
  13. I'm curious why they dont let it sit for a bit and see if anybody comes out to it. I mean whoever stole it basically got away free most likely, and you know they will steal again.
  14. Are those white face gauges stock? I'm digging those. It makes sense Mexico still had a d21 based truck, since they still had the original bugs running around up until 2003 I think. As for the driving, that just looks like bay area (San Francisco) traffic to me.
  15. A 2002 WD21 with a carburated Z24? We need pictures. This board is the best place for WD21 info, so you came to the right place.
  16. Not to threadjack, but I must see pictures. A JDM Skyline engine? Or a US Spec GT-R engine?
  17. Do you have the clear euro housings or are those the stock glass housings? Do you have a link to the kit on ebay?
  18. I didnt buy mine new, I was just sort of estimating based off that window sticker.
  19. Trogdor636

    Dome light

    There is a light in the center console? I want to see pics of that.
  20. Trogdor636

    Dome light

    I have that one. I think my 94 2 wheel drive truck had it too.
  21. Trogdor636

    Dome light

    Not trying to thread hijack, but my rear dome has never worked with a door or hatch open. Ive always had to manually turn it on. Is it supposed to work when any door or the hatch is open?
  22. Trogdor636

    possible HG

    If it didnt have that problem before they worked on it, I would take it back and explain whats going on. On a side note, get rid of that car ASAP. Had a 2001, same deal. Its a common problem, along with a ton of really bad automatic trannys. I talked to more than a few Honda techs, who basically explained that even if you replace the headgasket, there is a strong possibility the block is warped as well. So then you get to machine the block as well. One tech explained the way the OEM gasket was made is that it works as a one way valve sometimes when they go, so the gases get into the coolant, but never the other way around. It just basically keeps boiling out the overflow.
  23. Anytime my local Pick n Pull has a newer-ish Hardbody added to the inventory finder, I'm looking for those. Nice find.
  24. So I guess I have never seen one because according to the guy at Harbor Frieght, some California law made them remove that and some other "theft" items out of stores in my state. He remembers having them, but couldnt remember when they had to remove them from the shelf. He said they cant even sell those emergency hammer/seatbelt cutter emergency tools because of it. Go figure.
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