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    Its a 1998 Pathfinder SE, its a little rusty on the bumper and I had to bondo the front passenger fender. Still works fantastic and if i might say so. i did a good bondo job =D
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  1. Block heaters, Oil pan heaters, battery blankets... all help out immensely during the winter. But they are really not needed until about -25 (from my experiences anyway)if you have them in already, great! use em! but If you dont, you could just throw some Synthetic 5w-30 in and make sure your antifreeze is rated to about -40, and that your battery will start once the temps dip bellow 20. Its also a good idea to check your washer fluid and put some freeze resistant stuff in. (its not pretty when the washer fluid jug cracks) Alot of people up here just throw synthetic oil in and use a battery blanket.
  2. So a few months after I sold my lil Jimmy to my ex gf, I bought it back (for way cheaper) and decided I wanted to turn it into a convertible mud bogger and beach cruiser. So I took the saw to it, cut the roof off, and all the other crap I did not need. Old picture, The interior is now fully bed lined and the roll bar is installed, The only problem I'am having now is trying figure out what to put in the holes where the support pillars were, I was thinking of making a Styrofoam cut out and then filling it with spray foam. but iam not exactly sure how strong that would be, Currently the whole back panels shake hard when I slam the door, and thats not good. Any suggestions would be awesome!! Also Its been sanded down and primer'd! Iam still trying to figure out what to paint it. I was thinking forest green or something like that. If anyone wants to suggest a color =D
  3. That was my first vehicle. 88 GMC jimmy (Also known as tank) it leaked oil in about a billion different places, but it always ran for me, Would take it everywhere and anywhere drove it for 3 and a half years until I got my pathy, I just recently bought it back from my friend, and cut the roof off it. (turning it into a lil buggy)
  4. No its still high school kids mocking everything haha. I enjoy the rage comics very much, (granted I havnt been out of highschool very long) lol
  5. Just curious to see if anyone uses reddit here, Been on it a couple months myself now
  6. Before the snow was able to settle on the ice =) You might have all seen this on TSN or the news. Super fun when you have a tarp.
  7. Depending on the time my pants came out of the dryer, i could have up to 5 peices of lint in each pocket!
  8. Whitehorse, Yukon and we say them differently, the ones ive noticed here (and i do it myself) are Long and Lawn.
  9. Check the distributor aswell! if its loose it can make your vehicle idle real high, or real crappy, Worth a check if your under the hood. my pathfinders came loose when i was messing with the harmonic balancer this summer n it was idling at about 1800 when ever i turned it on! Worth a look anyway haha
  10. Does this problem happen in drive at all? or just when reversing, Does it happen all the time? or once in awhile? Do you have crappy oil in it lol? the whole "Shaking when it starts" almost sounds like crappy oil that is cold and takes a few seconds before it actually starts flowing.
  11. Ive decided iam going to "Borrow" E-Rocks idea and put frame wire over for protection. Soon as its warm enough outside to feel the fingers I hope to start on these! Thanks for all the ideas guys!!
  12. I bought my pathfinder In March for $3500 from Toronto,Ontario. then drove it back to the Yukon. Only had 1 owner and he put 132,584 on it! iam at about 149 with it now. How much did you all get yours for!?
  13. Ive got 2 Fusion 12" and a farely big amp. Set up takes a little over half of my cargo space. Browsing the interwebs abit today i noticed they now make door size speakers that fit the side of your door speakers. Has anyone ever heard or tried these before? iam abit skeptical, but those would be nice to consider for a future project.
  14. Its coming to the time of year when I actually need the back cargo spot of my pathfinder for..well cargo. Currently I have my 2 12 inch Subwoofers and a amp back there. I dont really wanna take them out everytime i plan on moving stuff so ive been looking at ways to hide them or cover them up without making to much rattle. I thought id ask the people of npora how they have there subs hidden or covered up! I'am likely thinking of making a new box for them and then covering the woofers with something. Also if anyones got ideas. I would love you all for ever! =) Also if anyones found good places to hide them. like say in the panneling. or anything crazy like that! =D Thanks and sorry for all the text haha!

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