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  1. I have reset the code at the ECM multiple times, not by unplugging the battery. Code will be cleared, you start it and no CEL, turn it off, and then the CEL pops back on. Injector being stuck open is what I am starting to believe.
  2. Working on a friends Pathfinder, had a rat gnaw on injector 4 wire. Cleaned up wire, put a new connector in, but the vehicle is still throwing the code 51. Injector OHMS out the same as the others. I can hear it clicking with my mechanic stethoscope. Harness has power with a test light, and the wires have continuity. My question is, when the vehicle is running, the OHMS change for the other 5 injectors, however this injector stays at 13-14. Could it still be a faulty injector? Bad wiring? Needs to be smogged soon! Any ideas?
  3. Thanks guys, that helped. It seemed like the proper way, Prothane sent me instructions for a leaf spring..... I did use a ton of their "super grease" I know how noisy my sway bar bushings get....Thanks again.
  4. What's up party people? Been forever since I've been here.... I'm installing UCA poly bushings with no good instructions....should the outer lip of the bushing be on the outside of the UCA on both sides? Or should it look as if you used the press in bushings....anybody have a good picture of theirs? Thanks!
  5. I've always liked these (even though I see mostly Fords....they just look so rugged) and now Nissan gets the treatment...... http://m.trucktrend.com/roadtests/performance/163_1212_nissan_nv_quigley_4x4_conversion/index.html
  6. Until your car gets stolen. Then that kind of system is good. Not to mention your insurance might be lower because of it.
  7. Don't mess with your center link running big tires. Just get a Hoohaa.
  8. If that didn't have ground effects and wasnt across the country, I'd buy it for a daily driver at that price.
  9. Common where I live, so maybe a combo of heat and cold. Its 100 here in the summer, and can get to 20-30's in winter. All my Hardbody domes crumbled like cookies.
  10. I wanted to check out the Red Bull air races in San Francisco a few years back but something else came up.
  11. I'm guessing that's why all the aftermarket ones say 15. Be interesting if that's a typo!
  12. Was this on the full site or mobile? I have no idea what anyone is talking about I guess.<br /><br />Carry on!
  13. I've put in 19-20, so I know mine is bigger. Or that fuel hose holds 5 gallons.......
  14. Sounds about right for what's probably a decent paying federal/state job. I thought I always read that you want undercoating to stay in a filmy/oily like state. You don't want it to dry or then rust gets underneath.
  15. Man, I can't imagine how much it would suck to have a 15 gallon fuel tank getting 15-18 MPG.
  16. People with ads like that are just trying to get nominated for Best of Craigslist. Which is some of the funniest stuff I have ever read in my life.
  17. That's about all I could think it would be. I figured the Z24 equipped 2 doors might have a 15 gallon. Maybe its previously been changed. We need Alkarohil on this!
  18. My favorite form of racing is MotoGP. Favorite track is Laguna Seca. I'm probably biased as I've been there multiple times.
  19. That wire is for your hood pin for the factory alarm, as ahardbody mentioned.
  20. Straps? No straps on these tanks. Just the bolts for the guard, and the tank itself.
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