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  1. Haha yeah, frustrating isnt it? Right when someone seems to be making progress in a new direction.... BOOM. Sold. Oh well~ And thanks! She's been great.
  2. Farewell for now, sold the pathy. I'll pop in now and then, thanks for all the help!

  3. Yeah I was going to go with the '77 f150 front coils for my front. Buuuuuuuuut.... we ended up selling her. Its unfortunate but I was given an offer I couldnt refuse, and with our baby girl here at 2 months old on tuesday, it was a choice we had to make. Its going to a good home, and my pathy will be well taken care of, so I cant ask for much more than that~ I have confidence that my plans would work for anyone else that'd like to try it out. If you dont want to use the sleeving technique, go ahead and weld a piece of pipe to the strut perch to hold the coil in place at the bottom, similar to how you'd do it on the rear. Good luck!
  4. She's here! 6lbs 15oz, healthy happy baby girl! Probably putting the brakes on mods for a while, but so happy she and momma are doing great!

  5. Nice job! I'm using solidworks for some classes here in college too. Pretty cool stuff.
  6. I run these tires, and love them. What questions do you have about them? If you need more grip on the road since you live in a colder state, then go ahead and get the kedge grip like rebelord mentioned. I did. In SE idaho its winter 9 months out of the year, and I wanted extra traction on the icy roads during that winter season. If you get it, they'll wear about 15-20% faster than without it. They have awesome amounts of tread, with great clearing ability. I have the guard dog MTs and would buy them agian if I needed to. I have had them for the last 2 years, and they still have great tread. If you're on a budget like I was when I bought mine, then % tire per $ you spend, you'll get more with the treadwrights. Do your own due diligence and research the pros and cons of them, then make your own decision. If you ask my opinion though, I vote in favor of them.
  7. Thanks for doing the writeup on this! After seeing them on your pathfinder, I started looking around to see what I could use for some of my own. This points me in the right direction.
  8. Now that I see the louvers on your hood, I REALLY like those. I might just get myself a set. Not too difficult to put in, are they? PS. Awesome job retrofitting that snorkel to work! It looks pretty darn sweet, and I think that yours has (in my opinion) the best looking top end. Did that come with it or did you find that separate?
  9. Solid reasoning, and the perfect solution, sounds like.
  10. Wellll I got the old struts and springs off, ran out of time before getting to grab my new springs since the junkyard lied to me (said they had em and on my way down I got a call saying "oops... sorry, we dont have those springs..") So I put the old springs on the new struts for now and its back at stock height. But MAN does having new struts make a difference!! I dont bottom out over every little bump! I have a 3 day weekend starting tomorrow, so we'll see if anything big happens. I'll have pics if it does.
  11. IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP! I'm tackling this job right now and have stripped both of the screws holding in the wheel bearing lock nut. Can anyone offer some advice on what to do? I feel like I'm so close to getting everything off, but stripping those screws has put an abrupt halt to my plans. Please help if you can! Should I drill those screws out?.... Ive never done that before, please help! I'm following this DIY guide.
  12. Pretty slick and very creative! Great job theexbrit!
  13. In the first one, that guy is insane!!! One-handedly hanging from that is just ASKING for a gust of wind to take you on the quickest route down... That second one is surefire proof that laughter is contagious, haha sure had me snickering along~
  14. Can someone chime in with more information about "slotting the bolt hole" please? As opposed to using the camber bolts..
  15. Your local auto store might have camber bolts as well. Not sure what you may have close to you, and if they offer the same thing, but it might save you some money/shipping.
  16. Congrats man! Great lookin' rig.
  17. And a SMART Car with the hayabusa swap
  18. I'd love to do a SFD, but its both out of my price range, and not quite the point of this experiment. This route I'm trying to do is to get a suspension lift, without breaking the bank, by retrofitting or modifying other vehicle's coil springs to work with my pathfinder. Update! Got my struts in the mail today! Things are getting closer! Once I get all the parts, the real fun begins!

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