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  1. Hoala Huevon El Pathy looks muy bueno. Forgive my poor Spanish. Donde esta en Chile? Mi espousa es Chileana. Mi casa es en Park City Utah. I'm going down to Chile in May for 3 weeks, gonna start in Santiago visit the famalia, then take a bus to La Union and get borracho con mi amigo then maybe to the north to the Atacama desert. Of course gonna hit Vina and Valpariso. Good luck with the Pathy and be safe. Chao Heuvon
  2. My youngest boy turns 16 tomorrow and now he gets the Pathy. I've been obsessed with the whole pathy thing for a couple of years now, lift kit, exhaust, intake, TBS, Bilstein shocks, Koni struts, SFD, Pan hard drop bracket, stainless brake lines, Timing belt, water pump, Warn hubs, yada yada yada and he's gonna drive it to his moms house tonight and take it away. I went to a junk yard last week (kinda a family tradition) and got a roof rack tower, tail light assembly and gas fill door, our stuff was either bent, broken or cracked, got all the stuff for a couple of bucks and I want to go back and get more stuff off the wreck for our pathy. Showing the boy how to be resourceful and safe a few bucks. I went down to the stereo shop (spent way too much) "Soundwarehouse" and had them install a whole new sound system. Kenwood deck, bluetooth, 4 Rockford Fosgate speakers and a Rockford Fosgate powered subwoofer, sounds pretty awesome. Put new 30x9.5x15 Hancook Dynapro's AT's last week (trying to safe gas) Put new ball joints on, tie rods, rotors and pads (last year) and re-adjusted the hubs pre-load last week and feel as if I've pretty much got the whole front end rock solid. I want to thank all you guys here at NPORA for all the info and help and discussions. I miss getting into it with all of you guys about everything!! So, I guess I'm saying a sort of goodbye and THANKS Cheers and good luck Rocky P.S. I told him that if he puts it at 3000 RPM and sets the cruise control, that Pathy will get him to New York and back, or anywhere else "No Problems"
  3. Now put elevation into the equation: Less octane is required at elevation because at higher elevations there is less barametric pressure. Standard pressure is 14.6 psi at sea level, around 11k feet that is closer to 10 psi. As elevation goes up, pressure goes down. So your motor has less compression at say 10k feet than it does at sea level, everything else equal. At higher elevation since you do not have the compression you have at sea level you do not need as much octane to prevent (pre) detonation. Of course this is also the same reason you can get a higher compression head for higher elevations than lower elevations. You are really just compensating for what you already lost with the elevation gain. As you increase cylinder head compression you need more octane. At elevation you need less octane on a stock motor than you do on the SAME stock motor at sea level. Now if you increase the compression on that motor you will need more octane. I live at 7000', most normal cars will not last any longer or preform any better with a higher octane than 87."
  4. Maybe you're on to something? Beer cooler in the back !!!!!
  5. You could be on to something "shoesandsocks" I think because it's only 1" that they figure it dosen't have to be angled because you might get the angle increase out with camber adj. down at the spindle. But I guess using AC coils with the 1" spacer is just too much. I'm sorry that I said the words AC coils, strut spacers bad camber issues in a pathfinder forum. But I have a gut feeling something else is up. Look at this guys CV, tie rod and control arm angles
  6. You are still within acceptable gear ratio running (29.60) tires. Oh, and it's cracked you can bet on it. Check this site out on ring and pinion gears http://www.angelfire.com/va2/nissan4x4/differentials.html
  7. O.K. now I got it, wow that's a good one. Never thought that could happen. I think a little opening of the bottom hole towards the wheel is alright but probably not going to be enough and you're right, you don't really want to cut that direction. Is the strut the correct unit for your year and model cause this seems weird? Now that I think about it, when I did mine I just moved the spindle in at the top as far as it would go and just figured it was at the limit of the elongated hole and not up against the strut as is yours. I just put he wheel on and lowered the truck and didn't even look at the spindle to stut interference. I have a little positive camber on both as of now but I'm not using spacers either and did a 2" SFD. If the control arm, sub-frame and strut top mounting locations are not bent or damged it's hard to figure out what's going on. Gonna think about it and get back to ya.
  8. So, how does timing affect idle problems when depressing the clutch. What was the fix?
  9. Sorry, Can't really get a good idea of exactly what's interfering. I thought it was hanging up on the knuckle. Is it hanging up on the CV joint housing that goes into the hub?
  10. Posted 31 October 2012 - 11:39 PM Your Pathfinder looks great and is in great shape for a 96. I want a spare tire hanger. Just think how cool it would look with a 4" lift. The 31's are killing your gas mileage. Our 3.3L engines have 165hp and are geared for the tires stock. I have 31's on mine but the gear ratio was affected and caused power and gas mileage decreases for me, thinking of going back to 30's and/or gearing it. Larger tires make you tall geared and make the engine work harder in order to get up to torque curve, like starting out in 2nd and never being able to get to 5th unless on a downhill with the wind at your back sort of feeling. Lifting your vehicle and running 30's gives you more articulation clearance in your fender well and dosen't affect your mileage and power very much, but sure dosen't look as cool as big tires. Let's say you were to run 37's on your Pathfinder without gearing properly, you probably couldn't get the thing rolling and would have no power and terrible gas mileage. You get the picture now, if you get huge tires you need to gear accordingly or the motor can't push the tire circumference and negatively affects gas mileage and power band. Lifting the vehicle dosen't affect the mileage very much. It's all cool just keep improving on it is my game.
  11. Hey snow4me trim that area where the strut is hanging up on the knuckle http://i1321.photobucket.com/albums/u541/rockygeaslin/stut_zps5c7eb6e8.jpg http://i1321.photobucket.com/albums/u541/rockygeaslin/strutcut_zpsb0149b18.jpg
  12. Ya, I didn't want to beat the guy up about the search function. So, I just posted the link.
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