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  1. I've got a few acres in Grayling, it's been a long time since I did any boondocking. Getting ready to order some parts to get it ready for winter.
  2. Well, I climbed under the pathfinder and wiped off the lower pan, definitely leaking from the lower pan up by the flange. It's pretty bad. I'm not sure if a pan has ever been done on it before, it had 175,000 miles on it but there was no gasket that I could see, just RTV. Also noticed my LH inner tie rod boot was all torn up so I need that as well as the clamps. Stay tuned.
  3. Lower pan to start. I had a buddy that would use the gaskets with Indian head shellac to glue the gasket to the pan and just bare gasket against to block surface. That was his go to.
  4. I have a pretty bad oil pan leak, it's very rusty. I was thinking about using Rock auto and getting their premium pan which "meets or exceeds" OEM. I don't really care too much, just as long as it does its job. My question is.... do I order a pan gasket or use RTV??? Thanks!!
  5. We had the recall done for the shock tower rust. The darn thing collapsed on the driver's side. I could not believe Nissan stood behind it and fixed it with as bad as it was. Where abouts in Michigan are you? I have been thinking of taking it to the "mounds" but to be honest I know nothing about it. I will be new to off reading, lol.
  6. Hi guys, it's been years since I've been on here, happy to be back. Long story short, I built up a 2001 Pathfinder several years back with everyone's help. After I finished it, it sat for a while and without getting into a bunch of drama, my ex wife allowed my son to use it without consulting me. This is actually a small part of why we are now divorced. Anyhow, fast forward to now and after two kids using and abusing the truck I lovingly built, it's back in my hands, a rusty, clapped out @!*%box. Soooooo, I've decided to use it as such and start wheeling. Something I would have never done when it was pristine. Now on to my question. There was a guy on here that worked for a nissan dealer that used to help us guys get parts. Is he still around? Does anyone have his contact info? I need an oil pan and a few other pieces. I'd like a set of front fenders as well. Are there good aftermarket parts for this. My quarters are gone but i want to replace the front fenders because the fascia mounts are rotted off. I also need a cat back exhaust. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!
  7. Well, apparently it's done. I'm actually nervous to go pick it up! I still have to put the inner fender wells back in and address my windshield washer pump problem in the rear but it's aligned so that a huge step forward! Now I have to catch up on all the new mods that have been done by you guys since I started this mess.
  8. Yep, haven't even looked at it! Shop just called, bent spindle! I had kinda figured. Currently looking for a replacement.
  9. Bringing my thread back! This thing hasn't moved since I last posted. Wife had some health issues but is much better. Pulled the truck out of the garage to have another look, gonna run it up to a shop I've been using for a while and let him have a Crack at it I think. Stay tuned.
  10. Ok bro, here's an update... It's -3 degrees here in Michigan!!! I can't even get my garage up to freezing. As soon as the weather breaks, I'll be back at it. I wish I had an insulated garage. I'll post as soon as I can get out to it. Thanks!
  11. Tell me about it! Hopefully I can get some wrenching time in tomorrow. I am very thankful for all you guys on here.
  12. They are GR2's but they are black, not gray. I would be interested in the strut diameter as well. I REALLY appreciate all the interest and help on this. I haven't had time this week to mess with it but hopefully this weekend I can. You know how family can get in the way of our hobbies. :-)
  13. No no no, go back to my pic of the top view looking down at the spindle where the top bolt goes through. The top of the spindle is touching the strut body with the 4 degrees of camber already dialed in. What I'm saying is... I think even if I slot my top strut hole, the spindle can't move any closer to the strut because it's pretty much touching it already. Now, slotting the lower hole towards the wheel, not the engine although not advised would be doable. Does this make any sense?
  14. I don't know if we have an issue like your pics show on our Pathys?

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