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  1. We were on a family trip and suddenly alternator symbolon the dash lighted….the bracket that support the pulley of the fan had separated on two pieces: the body was still connected to the motor and the axle with the fanclutch with the cooling fan were hanging down. Afer we get towed to the destination, I removed the remaining bracket from the motor and delete that pulley. I had to cut one end of the bracket to use it as a spacer to the steering pump mount (the pump mounts over the bracket). With this setup I used a shorter belt to drive the truck back to the city (+-150Km). What impressed me was that the truck has not overheated (ext temp around 25°C), driving 2k rpm max and with full hot air on the inside…. Or maybe the temp gauge is bad?? Well, I have installed a new bracket (nissan p/n 21046-4W000) + new fan clutch (NPW # N-94F)… at the moment I found the fan clutch much louder than the original one with 275.000Km.
  2. Hi, I'am having the same problem on a 02, but on cold weather. I have bought a nissan repair kit but not installed yet...
  3. Hi, I have been doing some maintenance and repairs the last couple of months to the pathy (260.000 km): - Changed front struts, replacing the 10 yrs old rancho 5000 with the standard kyb's. - Changed rear struts with Bilstein 33185569 to replace 7 yrs old procomp's. - Rear door and window (tailgate) lift supports replaced with monroe 901683 and stabillus SG371001 - Replaced front driver window motor with ACDELCO 11M235. - Replaced reverse switch with nissan one (32005-21U1B)... now I have a backup lights!. While I was doing that I replaced the manual transmission bushing. - Changed front original stabilizer links (Sankei 555 brand). - Repleced broken antenna mast with nissan one (28215-9B000) - Replaced tailgate Nissan emblem (90891-5W500)..vandalized some time ago. - Front brake pads replaced with Akebono ASP691. Previous set of Akebono's lasted 75.000 km (!). - Rear brake shoes replaced & drum resurfaced ( at least 110.000Km without service)
  4. Funcionan igual que los de fabrica, con un sensor en el interior de la llanta. Si, la alerta se puede ajustar.
  5. Sure, the install it is about the same as the previous one I had. You only have to cut a small part of the slot and the display fits nicely and keep in place just with pressure. I glued the display frame to the center console becasuse the "hooks" on it are designed for newer nissans (?) and I wanted to be sure that the display wont go inside. I haven't buyed mine from amazon but here you can find it: https://www.amazon.com/HUAHAT-HuaHat-Monitoring-Customized-Temperature/dp/B073P3VMPX/ref=sr_1_3?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1537885846&sr=1-3&keywords=careud%2Bu912&th=1
  6. Dear All, Long time without posting.... Well, I want to share the new tpms system I've installed on the pathy. The previous one had a non replaceable battery on the sensors, so when they all finally died all the sensors went useless. Here is the previous installation link: TPMS V1.0 I found a tmps system, that can be mounted and have the dimensions of the switches that are not used on the dashboard... and the batteries of the sensors can be repleaced! take a look:
  7. Hi, This combo exists, see my pathy below, but I don't know if this configuration it is quite common on USA.
  8. Hi, I had shaking when bracking... sfd was becoming loose, so I welded it and everything is fine now.
  9. Hi i am running on 32" (265/75) And relocating one of the spare tire brackets and trimming a little bit the rear fender the tire fits perfect without rubbing the panhard.
  10. It looks really good. Congratulations for the good work!!! PS... Don't forget to post more pics
  11. Hi, The internal diameter between wj coils and pathy coils are really close but not exactly the same... I really dont remember if the difference is a problem on the bottom support (I dont think so). I used the adaptor because that way I add 1.5" from the original support to the lift (see pic) and another 1 or 2" from the pig tail lenght of the spring not cutting the bottom. This way you can do a 4" lift with a 2 or 3" lifting wj spring... the other way you need to found a 4 or 5" wj lifting spring. It should work... just need a longer spring if the diameter is not a problem. I dont know... maybe for some people add additional harwware to the pathy is an issue This should work! Good luck.

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