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  1. Everything I'm seeing for the part number you gave is for Sentras and 200sx
  2. http://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981485-2-pack-split-design-trailing-arm-bushing-kit.html These are the split design. No press needed to install. I drilled my old bushings out and installed these. No more wandering rear end
  3. Do a fuel pressure check. Also check fuel pressure regulator. If it's bad, it dumps too much fuel and floods the cylinders
  4. I've have the Falken Wildpeak atw3 that's a 32/10.5/15 and it's a awesome tire. Have ran them since may 2016 and they are great in mud,sand,rocky trails and recently in Birmingham we had sleet and ice and was blown away with the grip. Plus at $125 a tire, I couldn't pass them up
  5. Here you go http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/33709-successful-install-of-msd-coil-8228-no-mess-no-fuss/
  6. Check the MAF wiring. It does that hard bend to connect on the top and clear the codes. You could be getting the knock sensor from the rough running engine.
  7. Mine was doing the same and it was the 02 sensor. Would fall on its face and ran worse the harder you pressed the gas
  8. Does the check engine light come on when it's running bad?
  9. Was under the pathfinder yesterday checking everything after wheeling this weekend and noticed the clutch fork boot had torn away from the transmission. Found a little piece left on the fork. Does anyone know where to find these preferably new but used will work
  10. I lucked out on Craigslist and found a set of 16x7 R50 wheels for only $50. My pathfinder is getting a new clutch this week so I didn't get to check if the front hubs will fit through the R50 wheels. Has anyone tried this before? Looking forward to moving up from 235/75/15 to 245/75/16 tires and deciding on ball joint spacers or new UCA's
  11. Hey everyone, might sound like a weird request but I'm looking for someone on here that might be in the Birmingham AL that could change the clutch in my 95 4x4. It still drives but clutch is slipping in high gear. I could take it to a shop but want someone with experience with Nissans. I was planning on changing it myself but relationships come and go and I went from a house with a garage to an apartment
  12. Thanks for the insight. Will be ordering tired this weekend
  13. Precise1 hit the nail on the head. I'm wondering more how the tires will wear on the highway on the skinner 15x6 wheels. Hate to drop 600-700 dollars on tires only to burn them up in 20k miles
  14. I've read that you can run a 31x10.5 on a stock chrome rim. Does anyone have experience with the set-up? Wanting a bigger tire but it's my daily driver so I don't want to wear the tires out faster with a undersized wheel. I might also find some 16 steel wheels at pull a part to run a 265/75/16. Whichever is more cost efficient.
  15. I had both front seatbelts and latches replaced recently at the dealer. No hassle at all (surprisingly) and no questions asked. It did take a few weeks for all the parts to come in so be patient
  16. So I've unhooked the alarm, aftermarket amp and radio and still have a drain. I guess I'll be getting familiar with the wiring this weekend
  17. Yes it's the factory system. Just started having issues a couple of weeks ago
  18. Another question. If there is a parasitic draw draining the battery, if the voltage gets low enough will that cause the alarm to go off?
  19. Hey everyone on my 95 XE something weird is going on. The truck sits at work for 2-3 days at a time. A few weeks ago my boss called me saying my alarm was going on. Issue is I didn't set the alarm and it drained the battery. I replaced the battery under warranty but it's still doing the same thing. I doesn't happen all the time also. It sat at home for 30 hours with no issues. But today the alarm went off without being set after only 24 hours. One more thing, my boss said alarm was going off so he opened the door to pop the hood so he could disconnect the battery and the alarm shut off. This thing is driving me crazy
  20. Just a update on this thread. Took my 95 to my local dealer (Moore Nissan) this past Saturday and they have ordered two new front seatbelt assemblies. Waiting for them to come in and be replaced. Showed the dealer the warranty in the owners manual and they said no problem. Even offered a free rental if I couldn't wait while they replaced them. Hopefully I can get them replaced this weekend and I'll update you guys
  21. Left work tonight and when I pushed the clutch the start my pathfinder, no happened. Started checking fuses and relays with no avail. When I started looking around the clutch pedal itself, I noticed the little rubber cap that pushes in on the safety switch was missing. I quick trip to Lowes and found a plastic push fastener and it worked perfect. $.68 later and problem fixed
  22. Need it to pull my trailer, boat and jet ski. Hard to do with a station wagon or minivan. So the people on this forum with 2wd pathfinders should burn them to the ground and buy a Volvo wagon or Honda Odyssey?
  23. Hey everyone I found a 06 Xterra 2wd and was wondering if anyone has experience with the newer Nissans? My newest vehicle is a 95 and it's a WD21 so I don't know if reliability is still there. I've looked at other sites but I trust the opinions on this forum above all. Thanks BTW 74k miles and it's a auto
  24. I guess I need to get larger tires. My 95 with 4.63 gears and 235/75/15 tires (28in tall) and I'm turning 3k at 65mph
  25. Also check the air con clutch and pulley. If a bearing is trying to lock up on the compressor, it can put too much strain on the engine when you're trying to start it. If you have a power drill, you can put the belt on the pulley and spin the belt without engine running. You can put a steel shaft in the chuck of the drill so you can put tension on the belt as you spin it

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