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  1. my shocks used to squeek when i got ranchos. They sqeaked at the bushings. I used to spray them and it would quit for a day or two and then i used washers and disk brake stop squeal. Not sure what did the trick, but it stoped.
  2. I do believe that they use maf as well as map and take the average, but it will not work properly with the maf disconnected. It goes into a safe mode and wont rev much and dies out easy.
  3. My bosses brother in law beat chuck norris in a toughman competiton befor chuck norris was way famous. I mean i guess no one goes un defeted but, well, he aint the baddest mo fo ever, and his brother in law works in a factory instead of being a texas ranger so i guess chuck won in the long run.... Well i guess this goes without saying, dean, you dont need me to check for you how i did my wiring lol. im kinda glad though, i really didnt want to tear into somethin i was just going to put back together just for pics. I have been neglecting to do other things that can use that free time better. sssh
  4. Hey, i remember warning you not to get them. Remember?
  5. He is probably on ebay selling them using this as advertising.
  6. You use a custom spacer too. It is marketed as a 2" lift for a reason. Im sure they measured to see how many " difference it actually makes. Hell i got almost 4 out of mine!.....for like a month If he used spacers and stuff to get that extra inch, well that is what im asking. I tired of 1up'ers calling the ac 2" lift a 3" lift, cuz that it is not. Not calling him a 1up'er, just asking what componets he used to get that extra inch. I guess i should have pmd him cuz now i feel like a thread jacker! Damn me!
  7. I just bought a wiring harness for mine and it worked fine but sounded about the same until i went around the front amps or componet sets. They say amp for them but my dealer told me the amp is in the back and the front things are componet sets and i believe them because when i wired around them, the power that used to go to the front speakers went to the back ones too. And me hu played the front speakers. To me, it sounds like you should at least try out what i did..... I think it sounds great, but im not going to take it to any sound competitions. Even if my truck dont have the most top of the line crap, it sound better than 95% of the cars on the road, no lie. And yours would too if you would do just wire around the front componet sets, get decent aftermarket speakers and a hu. Then if your not happy, be out no more $ than you would other wise, hate me, and buy an amp!
  8. I never heard of that switch either, but i have a noise and know what it is. The fuel return line letting the presser back, or at least it is air presser in the tank. It seems like a hissing noise. When it is happening, open your gas cap and see if it lets off pressure and if the noise goes away.
  9. Oh and if you are totally turned off of pioneer, try ones dan is talking about, he aint a bad guy to listen to. But im sticking with them :cool2:
  10. I love pioneer, partially because its the best walmart carries and if it messes up, buy it again and return the bad crap in the new box. Its the walmart lifetime warranty! I love the sound of my pioneer stuff and even if i got the subs removed i love the sound of my pathy and others say it sounds good too. If anyone would say it dont sound good i would have to tell them to get ears checked! Here is my sound setup, Pioneer head unit, i wired around my front componet things people call amps but the amp is really in the back. and put pioneer 4 ways in the front and still have my stock tweeters working too. Then i moved my bose front speakers to the back because they were in good shape and have a larger magnet than the rears. Also the way that i wired around my front componet system, the rear channel still gets it bass channel it used to always get but also the mids-highs front channel. When i fade to the front, the rear speakers to my supprise dont though play the mids-highs front channel and my head unit powers the front channels for the front speakers. This is easy and cheep and sounds really really really good. I have spent the money on them fancy systems in the past and this is almost just as good at a fraction of the cost. I even have 2 12s and a 1100w class d mono block @ 2 oms and a 1 farad cap and dont have it in most the time cuz id rather have the extra room and without them i still have a great system and a supprising amount of bass! There is no way i would ever have the desire for subs if i didnt already have them from a different car and that is the only reason i have them. Nest thing is getting better speakers for the rear and i might put them in the front and move the pioneers to the rear but i really have no complaints and get compliments all the time, even from big stero people! Try doing this first cus you wouldnt be out any cash you wouldnt other wise be paying and if you feel like you need more, then spend more. you wont be out anyting. The only prob is i cant remember what wire colors i modified but i just used a multi meter and any sound shop could do it for you for like $15 if you took your door panels off for them but if you know how to work a multi meeter, do it yourself! I think the rear channel sounds alot better and has more power than it would using the front and rear channel from the amp than it would just jusing the rear channel form a head unit. Now my fingers hurt! :type: I wish you would have just brought it here and i would have done it for you instead of me typing it all out! lol. If you heard mine, you would do it! Trust me!
  11. i figured i had the sequence wrong but when i tried it on my buddys dads truck it worked but i just got the sequence off the forum befor i tried. i could not remember what it was offhand but im pretty sure that is the one. try it. it took me a few times to get it right. I wasnt waiting long enough befor i started and befor i took out the key.
  12. what size tire are you going with? Do you need an 8" rim?
  13. check this out, it wont work now but it makes me think that the 2 sockets should be powered under 1 fuse. This was back when both worked. I have a jumper cable box i was charging using the rear socket. whith the vecicle running and a cell phone charging in the front port. when i turned the truck off and took out the key, the cell phone was still charging and the compass and temp gauge was still on. So i think that if there is a seperate fuse, maybe it is either in line with the socket under the console or if nissan wanted to run alot of extra wire to make it easy to change, making it inline still only routing the fuse to the box. Well i just got home from work and want some sleep but im gonna check later today when i get up to go to work to see if i gotta blown fuse, not that i have any of the little bastards anyways! But now that i hear of this socket 2 fuse spot, i got to thinking. hummm and i dont think that charging it was why it quit working cuz there were several monthes between where it worked. I took a trip to illinois where my mom and girlfrient were in the back watching a dvd with i plugged in back there and i blame them for it not working. Leave it to a woman to screw up something on a car..... sorry pezzy....nothing againgst mechenicially inclined women, just against women i know
  14. Gas mileage and sticks and engines? Thats funny, my rear outlet quit working about 2 weeks ago. I havent checked into it yet. They should be under the same fuse and i dont have any blown but maybe there is another fuse under the console. i keep putting off fixing it but i want to this weekend. I was considering making it hot all the time if i cant find the problem right away. my guess is there is another fuse under the centerconsole. when mine went out i was charging/watching a portable dvd player. If it is the outlet itself i have the exact same outlet that snapps in place that i 'accidently' brought some home for work. I make nissan interior parts. It was wired to lose power in it and even wierder that i was going to ask if anyone has had this problem and someone else asked befor i could!
  15. shops like that are real popular in japan due to the large aftermarket automotive industry and the lack of room for peole to own their own garage. I have heard though it costs close to our standard $65 per hour charge to have someone else do it though! still a neat idea though!
  16. shouldnt the tranny work since it is manual? I thought you could use manuals from nissan v6s on all nissan v6s, well trucks at least. Swapping the engine would be too much work, just replace it with a jdm and if your looking for more hp do the cams. I think they bring you to 210.
  17. I would think that would not be too bad. There isnt too much that you should be looking at up there while driving anyways. You would get used to it i would think. Having my grill guard on was somthing to get used to anyways, it startled me a few times at first wondering "what the hell is that!" Now i dont even notice it! I wish one of these companies that make these snorkles for other vehicles would make kits for our pathys for 'direct' installition and i would probably get one. i dont want to ghetto rig it even though there is probably nothing wrong with doing it that way.
  18. As far as i know the lug patter is wrong. We have a 6x5.5 which is the same as gm uses on most. But gm rims wont fit cuz thier hub is too small.
  19. with your drivers door open turn your key as far as you can without starting it. then hit the button that the door hits when you close it 7 times as fast as you can. wait 1 to 2 seconds and take the key out. now you might have fixed the problem if the computer is fine. I bet the mechenics would do this and charge you for a computer. If it dont work, you might need a new one after all but since it is flashing and not on solid, there is hope, just means it had a small problem. Anyone.... If i said the sequence wrong, PLEASE correct me or if you wanna do a search on this site or 4x4 parts do so. I know i read it on one of these pages and fixed me buddys dad fronty. He was so happy! It has been doing it for years! Oh and a ton of water is alot, Your suspension isnt rated to haul that much so you should get it checked out too!
  20. Is that some rare factory color from nissan or an enthusist package of some sort? Max's truck changes that color every time it rains!
  21. I knew this day would arrive! people have been inporting the "front clip' sections of jdm cars for ages now and swapping the motors. Now what is really cool is that All the parts you need are already included in the front cut! A good clip should actually run as long as you could get pressureised fuel to the motor.....but that should be easier possibley if the desil engine has a mechenical fuel pump. Now here is the possible problem. Like in many of the engine swaps avabiable for cars, Some times the turbo stuff or various other stuff gets in the way due to ours being left hand drive. The steering stuff is somethimes in the way. For example, it is possible to put a rb26dett in a jdm s-13 but but extreamly difficult to put it in a lhd usdm s-13. yea the motor isnt coming out of a s 13 but but goes right in the rhd one. I know im comparing apples to oranges but it is just something to think about.
  22. woa, i didnt know you rolled yours befor. do you have pics of the damage? you must have gotten it fixed already (and not to post jack but send me some pics of your new rims on)
  23. ooh, let me know what you find. hey b, remember when i told you that hubs are just something else that can f up? and you dont really NEED them? well i hope the best for you
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