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  1. not to mention how hard they would be to install on a r50! I bet a $100 you would have to drop the front subframe! I bet you cant even get to the pre cats without unbolting the subframe. Just go cat back and forget about the hedders. I hate being the person to say dont do what you want to do in a thred where you ask how, not can I, but you would be better of power wise to just get cams and a ecu upgrade.
  2. Humm, I work at a factory that makes door panels for nissan. I made the body style altima that you see on the street now, and I make the 07 which I still havent seen yet. I know that they dont offer them in Japan and all but their doors open how this guy wants them to. My idea on how to do it would be easy and the same way that they they do it on the altima (well in a way, the altima doors are designed to do it and you would have to modify it in a similar way). What you want to do is cut a small gruve in the back side of the lock lever. Make it line up with some kind of small metal dow or something like a long screw or something strong so it will not break off and have that in the handle part so when you pull on the door handle it brings the lock into the unlocked position along with it. I can steal a handle and show you what I mean with a vid if you dont get the point. well actually i guess the best thing you could do is go to a nissan stealer and look at a altima handle in a car. Look and see for yourself
  3. they are a us wheel black mod, It didnt say thier weight but they have a load capactiy: 2200 lbs apiece. Maybe with that someone could say if that sounds righ (like dean or dan) They didnt feel that heavy now that i think about it but my arms are like pythons! Baby pythons :sniff:
  4. I could be way wrong but i think that each box said they paid for 54 lbs of shipping on each wheel, hold on let me check a website......
  5. yea i know! I did this to my 300zx (well i was going to post a pic but dont have one on the computer, just imagine a 96 clean as hell with the sued and leather interior, cams and dual cold air intakes turned into a bananna! A tree just jumped out in front of me!) and then got this truck. Then the first week i had it some jackoff slamed on his brakes in front of me and put another one on my record! I went 4 years of driving with nothing on my record and had 2 at faults in 1 month! And Im 20 and a guy! Look at the plus side, at least i dont have to lug around a big wallett
  6. If your power doorlocks inside the truck work then it is most likely that the contacts on you unlock button on your remote are messed up. Next time you see someone with nissan keys laying around steal them and take the remote off. Then throw the keys away. Take the remote and program it to your truck. If that works, steal someone elses keys and do the same. That way you have a back up. And if your more honest of a person than me, yea, just hit up ebay.
  7. Maybe progressive should give me a better deal than $300 a month then! Ill even let them use my truck in the commercial as long as they dont wreck it!
  8. LOL, Id be happy with the power of the 3.5 Drive a 3.3 for a month and youll never want anymore power out of your 3.5
  9. sometimes when the oil filter is changed it makes quite a mess. Check and make sure that you dont have oil getting held by other parts of the frame and stuff. After I change my oil even after I go back and clean up my mess on the frame and stuff I still have what looks like a leak for a day or 2 sometimes. So if you dont go back and clean up everything real good, you might have a simulated leak. If you have a coil that is bad you shouldnt need to replace all of them at the same time. Im not familiar with the vq's myself but I have had a few individual coil nissans and dont see any reason that coils should need replaced at the same time. Did you code tell you which coil is giving the error? If not, try a better scan tool.
  10. Do you like my wheels? They are cheep as hell and strong. Powder coated and chrome. And cheep as hell through summitt racing. But something like 50lbs apiece!
  11. Ive heard some people say that they were able to move their filter. And I also have heard they give you 100 hp and 10 mpg. Do you have skid plates?
  12. I wouldnt count on the altima or max ones cuz they r from fwd cars.
  13. yea we have them, I forgot to about that too
  14. It takes me about an hour too, but mine dont slide out super easy, Your lucky man!! My advice is to make sure and strech befor your do it, you wont be out anything but maybe 3 minutes lol
  15. After making sure you do your flush and making sure that your t-stat is in good order, you could do eletric fans. They will let your coolant get to operating temperature befor they kick on making your warmup quicker.
  16. Any rim that will fit your pathfinder stock will fit the warn hub too. Dont just look to see that they have the same lug pattern, make sure that they specify in their book that they will fit a pathfinder of your year and you will be good.
  17. That reminds me when I rearended someone in mine when i first got it. Shoot, I dont think I ever told any of yall that! Well I opened my mouth now. Someone slammed on their brakes in front of me at a stopsign that was backed up and had a huge line. He had to have done it on purpose (brake check) because I was real close to him, but we were barely moving! Nothing happened in front of him to warrent the sudden stop and I didnt react in time and my front end looked like I hit a brick wall and All I did was tear his cover on his rear tire carrier. That was my origional reason for getting a brush guard. I figured it would have bent the brushguard but would have been repariable or replacable cheeper than my hood, lights, grille, and bumper. Stupid heep driver! He tried to blame the red scuffs on his rear bumper on me! Also makes me think he did it on purpose. Nothing structural was messed up, Not my real bumper, hood latch, nothing, just the big bubble of cosmetics on the front of these things. Why couldnt you have been so lucky? oh and dont ask for pics, my insurance company is the only people with them. I didnt want to remember this. Thanks for reminding me!
  18. Re read his post. Hes wanting Higher gears, not lower gears. Like in the 3.73 direction.
  19. That is what i thought. You and Dan should start a flame war now. I would like to see that. J/K
  20. Tyler can make you a real ugly bumber with that lift if you want. Just kidding
  21. oh, i didnt realize it pumped into the control box istelf! I got a nice interior still and wouldnt want to f that up! I really thing that it was just mud well dirt after the mud dried that made my 2nd knob turn hard. I can replace them after 50k if i have to.
  22. he? I think that sue would be a girl, unlike that great song "a boy named sue"
  23. well at least you know where the fuse box is now!
  24. Oh I now get what your saying, rs####x -####= rsx I had 1 get stuck with real low milage and sent it back and got a new one. It almost seems like my other one is doing it now. If i get the onboard controller, would this fix the problem (dean, dan)? Does this come with the compressor or can i use mine?
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