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    2000 4x4 le black, 2"ac lift, rancho rsx struts, rancho rs9000x shocks, bullit brushguard, 100w offroad lights, 16x7 us steel wheel black mods with 4.0" backspac, 265-75-16 Maxxis bighorns, foglight relay mod with 100w bulbs, pod air filter, on board air and 7 gal tank and more i feel like im forgetting
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  1. I got the kit from ac. It is easy to install and works nice. My only problem with it is that it dont have the wire to override surge brakes in reverse. I hope its not thred jacking, but since you have everyones attention, Is there a kit for our pathys to overrride surge brakes while in reverse or can I just have a swith that either grounds or provides 12v that I can switch on when I go into reverse? Anyways, I thought that might be something to consider if your trailer or any trailer you might tow has surge brakes.
  2. orileys told me that they can get me one in, I just have to know what vehicle I need to order it for. I thought some people with r50s had them installed. So no one does?
  3. I would like to relocate my oil filter. Does anyone have pictures of their different setups? I would like to know what brand and what vehicle its for. I would like to mount my filter under the hood with the bottom facing up preferably (like on old rx7s) I would like something I could walk into a parts store and order, Parts stores in my town are Autozone (I dont like our local autozone though), O'reiles, advance auto, car quest, and napa. Part #s would help too if you have them. Basicially, I want to change my oil at 6k miles since Im using fully synthetic but I still want to change my filter at 3. Plus I dont like spiling the oil all over the frame where it does. Any pics of where you mounted the filter would help. Thanks!
  4. I have the same problem with the rear one not working. All fuses under the hood and dash are fine. What I figured Id do is hotwire the rear one. Just have been too lazy!
  5. your not going to get anything other than stock travle struts
  6. wwops, just checked, them tires in the pic are 255 70 and im 4wd, not that it matters because I think 2wd and 4x4 have the same suspension
  7. 245 is just your width, whats your aspect ratio? I have had a 255-65 on mine with stock suspension
  8. its more of a local thing. he will get them made as he has had them made befor
  9. I didnt know it was possible. I would spend close to that in american if it were possible because its probably going to be cheeper than the tickit I will get some day
  10. thats less than stock :o What tire size do you have on there again?
  11. Its a wonder how someone with a ride like that has never poped up on either of these boards......... That isnt a kma bumper is it? It also is kinda wierd to have a 8.5" rim with only a 265-70, My 7s work fine for 265 75
  12. damn tyler. I have to get your lift!
  13. thats what I ment, I just couldnt think of its simple little name though
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