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  1. I ordered some solder shrink wrap connectors, hopefully that will work
  2. I am installing a new transmission in my r50. The new transmission was pulled from an xterra and when it was pulled they cut the wires going inside the transmission. I am concerned about wheather or not splicing my old trans harness to the new trans will affect the function of solenoid due to any change that may occur in resistance due to the splice. Surely someone else has had a similar issue. Any thoughts or opinions? Waiting to put my trans in until I know what I should do?
  3. It's brand new Nissan battery. The terminals are clean. The lights come on the cluster lights up. No code is being thrown that my obd2 dongle can see.
  4. I cranked it very by hand and it did sound like the torque converted was dragging on something. But that is the next problem because for right now the starter bendix is not even engaging. I will check for power to the starter when I get another set of hands.
  5. So I finally picked up an R50 Pathfinder today. Gentleman I bought it from said that it wouldn't start and when he took it to the shop they said it needed a new transmission. So that was how he sold it to me however I find it difficult to believe that the transmission being locked up would keep the engine from even cranking over. I have checked the fuses I have replaced the NP relay and the ECG relay under the hood and I feel a clicking coming from the relays that are next to the fuses inside the truck the battery is good the connections are good does anybody have any ideas of something electrical it might be before I start tearing into the mechanical stuff. Yes I did search I look through eight pages of no start threads and didn't find anything that matched my symptoms
  6. So I can swap a VQ auto trans on VG if I change the bell housing all the sensors and everything works?
  7. Hello I know I'm a new guy here and I've been reading over many pages of information and I came across a Bilstein part number for the 2 inch lift that is supposed to provide a longer shock so it does not top out that part number was 33-185552. While searching that part number for place to buy from it showed that was a part number for a 1972 Land Cruiser. I thought I would see if anybody else had figured this out yet I was thinking about buying just some regular Gabriel rear shocks for the Land Cruiser to see if they would fit my R50 Pathfinder. Any thoughts?
  8. Too bad their website is @!*%
  9. Thank you for the reassurances. Are you both using the nissan Dmatic fluid? I also found this in my searches https://www.levelten Product Code: NISS-G110-9000
  10. Hello I've been seriously looking into purchasing an R50 Pathfinder or QX4 however one thing has concerned me. And all of the scouring and reading I've done on the internet including this for him I seem to read nothing but bad remarks about the automatic transmissions in the R50. This has me afraid to purchase an automatic transmission thinking it's not a matter of if but when it will fail and unfortunately there are not many manual trans mission R50 s near me. Am I correct in this assumption or are there people out there with good experience with auto trans especially once you add a lift and bigger tires.

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