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  1. i think that it would look ok with the prado. Im going to get it and I hope it looks ok because I only have 4" bs on 17x7" rims and 265/75/16s I like how the stance is now but when them tires wear out (if they ever do, they really show no signs of wear and I drive alot ) I think im going to get the same make of rim as I have now, but in a 15x8 with 3.75" bs and 33x12.5 or 11.5 ps, get the prado and take pics so I can see what I want to do lol
  2. Yea, people shouldnt knock it till they try it. I understand that the different brands of lights may have better reflection and all but I dont see the price difference. I threw away the front covers i think, I cant find them anymore anyways. If you buy 100w h3 bulbs and cut off the little tab that keeps them from fitting they are way bright. They dont melt anything either. I think those lights are the "smart way" to go. I have them and love them and no one knocked on mine.......
  3. Yea, that looks way good! It would be ninja with headlight and tail light covers. I had some for a day and the tail light covers would not fit, they have to be the older tail lights to fit (btw, thanks guys for telling me they would fit :furious:) And I took the headlight ones back because I couldnt see at night. Im liking the bumper too! I guess you could go oba and lockers. Hubs if you want. Full rack on top. More lights, uuh, I dunno, ask dean lol. He has all kinds of crap youd never think of!
  4. the gas milage dont bother me too much right now, but when I start school, ill be using about a tank a day! I think Im ready for sports cars again lol. Ill defenatially keep my pathfinder though, under a car cover. Ill be picking up another 240 for the commute and it gives me a good excuse to get it and hop it up (again). :wishis i never sold the first one:
  5. pvc is just that, fake leather. I work at a interior factory for nissan. It is pvc leather which is on the upper of the door. (the leather feeling thing that the window seal is on.) It is also called pef. But I have no idea what that stands for...
  6. humm, didnt know that, but will it throw my ses light? It has never came on since I have owned it
  7. fair enough, I guess the price still aint bad if they are of good quality, I just wanted to make sure that you realized the shipping
  8. I get around 14 no matter what kind of driving I do as long as I dont gouge on the gas. Thats with 32s. Will o2s throw the ses light? Mine has never came on. I think I need a timing belt. I mean it dont give any trouble but I think 90k is about when they are due and I heard that that can effect milage. Is that true? It would be worth 2 to 4 or 5 mpg to me!
  9. did you notice that the shipping costs more than the seats? Why would you want fake nismo seats?
  10. sometimes, but sometimes that will snap the belt if its because the belt needs replaced
  11. im anal about noises that arnt supposed to be there. If I would have just been smart and replaced all the belts at once, I would have been able to call it a day and not 'sounded' poor everywhere I went.
  12. dont buy any. If it needs the bolts, the shop will be able to install theirs and they will probable be cheeper than ac sells them for. I have 1 per side and they are only 1.75" adjustible unlike the 2" ones that ac carries
  13. me too! I still cant wait till some people get it and get some pics so I can decide on what exact setup I want. Hey did you have the grinding noise from the little box when you turn the wheels? And so I dont have to look at the other forum, what are the different strut spacers avabiable? Any 3"ers?
  14. dean, you are too cool! Why dont you tell us what else you have done! I havent ever heard you say anything about that befor!
  15. I had a sqeeling problem befor and I replaced 2 belts, not my ps belt because it seemed good. The other 2 seemed bad. After I replaced them, they still squealed. After that I tightned the ps belt. still squealled. Then I started spraying the idler pully with lube. It stopped but then would start back up. I then replaced it. It still squealled. So then I removed the 2 belts I already replace to get off the ps belt and it looked good, but I replaced it with a gatorback. It went away. I guess some of the lube was making its way to the ps quieting it. It really didnt seem like the ps belt and it really sounded like the tensioner pully. But it wasnt. So I see how you might think its that, but its unlikely.
  16. It was not linier to my rpms. It would sit on 0 and then when I gave it some gas it would budge a little. When I would gouge on it it would clime maybe to 4k at the most and then when I would hit the rev limiter it would read higher than the limiter was actually set at. It would bounce from 8 to 0 during revlimiting. It was kinda neat lol. I cant remember what I was telling people but I had some stupid story made up that I modifed it that way and it was telling me something I made up about the engine. People believed me because as a kid I knew alot more about cars than my friends did.
  17. just what I was thinking, I though only people like max could find a way to wear them out
  18. I have a reese hiddin style hitch I recently put on so I havent hade the chance to wheel with it yet. I think that it would make the least possibilities to hang on anything and will make recovery easy because you can just wrap a strap around the tube, but I thing I would have liked a bigger square one because it would offer more rear protection. If your going to get hung on something back there and dont have a hitch, your bumper is coming off. All I knew when I ordered it was that it was a reese class III
  19. ^^^^^^probable not Im sorry guys, I have seen so many of these posts and I always forget that I fixed this peoblem befor on my old 89 240. I had to replace the resistor on the tach wire. I dont know if the pathy has a setup like this, but I guess you could ask the stealer. It wasnt high, like 10 or 15 dolla. And It would be a dealer only item anyways.
  20. I bet those look disporpurtinate (sp?)
  21. lol, he acts like its carberated. Just run lower octane next time. He must have never even read the owners manuall
  22. I have the 4:6 gears, I guess i figured you had them. I wouldnt think that there would be a huge difference. I hate how high my rpms are on the interstate anyways. In low range though, I have all the power I could ever want.
  23. how were you planning on regearing
  24. Lol, if youd have said beaten like a black man in the tennesse mountains, youd be racist lol.
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