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  1. That is what nissan used from the factory but you can use older style bumper lights under the grill but above where a license plate would go you will see factory mounting holes or you can fit similar rectangle lights in for a very factory look. I'm going to add lights there but im not sure what pattern i want, probably like a tractor flood light that will light up alot real close.
  2. this is my first post here but i have been a member of ACs forum for a little while now. I was refered here to find the high beam and low beam mod and found it but was hoping to be a little more descriptive because i want to do it. One reason i like the foglight relay mod is because i when you are following someone offroad in the woods and it is dark I dont like blinding them so i will use my foglights only. I just try to keep the light to close behind his rig so everything is visible and if i need i just hit on my lights if i need more lights for a minute. They also draw addention to you when it is overcast but you dont want your headlights on. Or when you are at the drive in and dont want to light up everyones car while you are moving. Anyways This is a different way than what is on this board, the way i did it and it is very helpfull and descriptive. Basicially i followed the instructions, Improvised, then showed how i did it and posted pics of the box and wires. No additoinal relay is needed, just 4 pieces of wires and wire connectors. The box will still shut and look nice and neat! My foglight relay mod instructions
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