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  1. I have rerouted the coolant line through the throttle body on all my cars over the last few years without any negative effect, only a little more HP at operating temp. I did it on a 96' Z28, 96' tacoma 3.4L, and a 95 Lexus SC400 If the lines are long enough just unplug them and use a brass male/male connector in between. I haven't done this yet on my 3.5L pathfinder but am planning to....
  2. Thanks, give me a few weeks/ couple months and I may have something.
  3. Does anyone have the part # for the intake manifold gasket? I am hopeing there is a gasket so it can be copied out of delrin which my friend said would not be a problem. I was thinking of having the test spacer 1/3" thick, does this sound about right? Looking around the net there are manifold spacers and plenum spacers, I am assuiming the manifold spacer would be better since it is lower?
  4. I have a friend that works in a machine shop with CAD has access to all those crazy water jet cutters. He is going to check on a few things but he said if I suply him with the gasket to go off of he probably could make some spacers. It may take a couple weeks to get an answer but we may have a little poney helper in the future.
  5. Looks like snake oil, might as well get a vornado plus the grammer on their site crap like mine
  6. With the amount of money you will have put in to a SAS you could go buy a 2 seeter rock bugy on pirate4x4.com. I did a SAS on my old tacoma and it was a pita and that had a frame. Now that people do SAS's on tacomas all the time there are hangers and what not you can buy. Without a few prefab parts like hangers and braces it will take you 1)over a year 2)atleast $5K just for the front and about another $3K-6K for the rear, if your going to do it buy 2 custom toyota 8"housings or go big with some D60's. Go buy a 85 toyota and lift it so you can wheel and have something to drive everyday. I learned the hard way to get a daily driver then a wheeler because you can't have both unless you have $10k plus to drop in your pathy.
  7. I did go from 16" stock to 15" steelies with 3.75" back space. I don't have any pictures of the ground down callipers but it was only about 1/16 to 1/8" at most taken off. I do also have about 1/16" groove around the inside of one of the wheels.
  8. I just installed some Power Stop drilled rotors last weekend on the pathy with some green stuff pads. I just want to let people know that if you do this your callipers may rub your wheels if you have 15" wheels. The drilled rotors are a little thicker and with new pads the calliper rubbed like a MOFO on the black 15" rockcrawlers. I ground the driver side calliper down and now it's all good but damn I was nervous until I found out it was just a rubbing calliper and not a fawked up installation on my part.
  9. I would go with a VQ, mush more power and the only probs I have had with mine are a bad 02 sensor and a broken canister on the side of the airbox (only about $250 all together) I have 70K miles to
  10. I changed my tranny to amsoil synthetic and it shifts alot smoother from 1st to 2nd. I also run synthetic in the Tcas, front/rear diffs, I love the stuff
  11. DON'T use brake cleaner to cean the MAF, CRC makes a MAF cleaner and don't use throttle body cleaner on the maf either. Be very careful when using seafoam since it can run into one cylinder and hydrolock the engine. I have not tried it on the 3.5L but I did hydrolock a toyota tacoma V6. I pulled the plugs and started it and about 1/4 cup came out of one cylinders. If your going to clean the intake and TB it would be much much better to take them off and clean them instead of pouring seafoam which only cleans the small amount of metal it touches.
  12. Have your mechanic reset the CEL with his code reader. I had those cat codes turn on mine when I had a bad 02sensor and swirl control valve. Once those were fixed and the ECU reset the catalytic converter code didn't come back.
  13. I have the adjustable ranchos and like them. You can dial in the stiffnes to match the front which is nice when driving in the mountains. Rancho is a decent brand but I think billstein is a little better since they are a gas shock and run a larger diameter rod, just a little beefier
  14. On tacomas the air bag sensor is a thin wire that runns down the steering shaft and if you turn the steering wheel while the shaft isn't connected to the rack it can break. I found this out when I did a SAS on my taco, not fun. Might be the same style? The lift looks sick, your ride looks how a pathfinder should

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