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  1. I'm putting my pathfinder up for sale soon. $1500 obo. Hit me up if interested.

  2. Sorry guys. I jumped onto the Jeep band wagon. I just bought a 96 grand Cherokee. My PF trans took a dump. I replaced it with a salvage yard trans that apparently has no reverse. If anyone is interested it will be for sale $1000 obo. I figured I'd let you guys have first shot at it. I have pics on my page.

    1. nismothunder


      And not one fskc was given this day.

  3. HELP!!! I need an auto trans ASAP!

    1. nunya


      Sorry, only have one and I'm thinking of swapping it in my truck

    2. jwmyers23


      Thanks, I found one for $475. I don't think it's too bad.

  4. I replaced my tie rod ends, tie rod adjusters, and idler arm. I also made an idler arm brace and tossed that in there too. My new center link should be in on Friday.
  5. New centerlink, idler arm tie rods and adjuster sleeves are on there way.

  6. Sorry my computer took a crap on me. It was on the lift held up by the frame. I have a 3" lift, 26" long shocks and no sway bar.
  7. Just ordered my new sway away torsion bars $200.71 shipped.

  8. Yeah that was my plan but they are bigger than what I had in mind, but at $16.50 each I'm not complaning. The only way I could have mounted them to the light bar was to cut my grill. That's why they got mounted to the bumper.
  9. Finally got some lights. I need to wire them up now.
  10. I have a set of Nology Hot wires, Accel ignition coil, and NGK spark plugs.
  11. A friend said he has a built 4.3 that he would sell me cheap
  12. I built a speaker box today. I'm going to wire it tomorrow.
  13. I am ordering my torsion bars tomorrow. Just not sure witch ons I'm getting yet.

    1. Trogdor636


      Stock or aftermarket? I thought Sway a Way was pretty much the only aftermarket alternative.

    2. jwmyers23


      aftermarket the stock ones cost too much. you can get sway aways or calmini

    3. Trogdor636


      I swore I read that Calimini's were just repackaged Sway a Ways, maybe that was 4x4parts.com

  14. So I just found a Chevy v6 vortec engine on craigslist for $80. I was wondering how hard it would be to put in my pathy. I don't know that much about electronics or engines for that matter. I was thinking of buying it and trying to rebuild it and doing a swap. I have a couple friends that know alot about engines and are willing to help. Any thoughts?
  15. Just found a 95 pfinder on craigs list for $700

    1. nunya


      wonder how far it is from me...


    2. jwmyers23


      about 3 to 4 hours

  16. went to JY and got a new center for the steering wheel and new taillight. While I was there they set fire to a van trying to cut the cat off. Then I picked up my new torque arms. They are not cheap $88 for both. Maybe I can talk the bank (wife) into letting me get new sway bars soon.
  17. What Tbars to get The Sway away anda Calmini have a 20% higher spring rate and the AC ones have a 30% higher spring rate.

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    2. 5523Pathfinder


      I got red ones from AC, and they came in a sway-a-way box with stickers. I dont believe front end travel is compromised at all.

    3. Tungsten


      Front end travel isn't but ride quality is.

    4. tmoore4512


      If you crank the bars at all your losing front end travel, which was not much to begin with on these trucks.

  18. I Seafoamed her today it worked wonders on the old girl. I didnt get a steering wheel maybe tomorrow. Torque arms should be in tomorrow too.
  19. Went and got gas. Got pissed because tbars and torque arms are shot making the tires rub over every little bump. Took out anger on steering wheel. When i got home i ordered new torque arms. Going to jyd tomorow to get a (new) steering wheel. Think i might order new tbars too.
  20. 0 miles 0 time UNEMPLOYED for the last year.
  21. I have installed a 3" suspention lift from 4x4parts.com (I think that's what everybody calls AC). I got the rear springs and the UCA's. After the install I had the pathy alined and now it sets like it has a rake to it. The question is would new torsion bars level it out and if so what would be the best and fairly priced ? I have to replace my bars and torque arms any way due to the pathfinder becoming airborne and landing hard. It stripped out the tourque arm and the only way I could get the old girl to keep her nose up was to weld the bar and arm together (I know heating the bar will take the spring out out it). I need to get it fixed asap ! Here is the stripped torque arm.
  22. jwmyers23 is easy my name is Jason Wayne Myers the 23 is my old rc racing number.
  23. pathfinder has new calipers, pads, and rotors now she stops like a champ

    1. Tungsten


      yeah fresh brake hardware feels amazing

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