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  1. Ok folks, I need your help. The alarm keeps chirping whenever on my 2000 Xterra. It started a few days ago. Didn't do it at all for a day, then did it every couple seconds until I went out & disconnected the battery. Cleaned the connection. Didn't do it until later that night. Chirps & locks the doors everytime I manually lock the doors & close it. I don't have my key fob anymore. Haven't used it for many years. Car battery is new. I'm lost for causes of this. Has anyone ever had this problem & what did you do to resolve the problem? I'm about ready to yank the damn alarm out all together. Thanks for all your imput on this!
  2. Hello All! Been WAAAY too long since I've been on here. I was talking to a buddy of mine about Jeeps. Electrical issues & how many people go out & spends hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for replacement parts. He's owned Jeeps for many many years. He's posted over the years when people post on electrical issues with their Jeeps. Finding out that over 90% of electrical issues lye with-in the wiring harness running through the driver's side front door. I'm talking majority of all electrical issues from windows, door locks, sensors, lights, ignition, etc. Haven't looked into some like the issues Pathfinders have like door locks, sensors, etc. since I no longer have my baby. Just wanted to throw this out there for everyone. Might be worth looking into before spending lots of unnecessary money. You'll be looking for the larger cluster of wires & cracked or broken wires. Peace out Peeps! 94 Pathy
  3. Okay, I'm curious to know how I'd go about trying to find out who & where my Pathfinder has gone. I didn't have the funds to finish the engine work & had things that needed to be done to the house, so I had to donate it. I donated it to "Make a Wish". It went to auction & that money goes to Make a Wish. I'm curious to know if someone knew what they were getting & finished the build or if it went to scrap?
  4. Very nice! Like the snorkel. Very clean. If I decide to look at another one in really good shape & low miles, I'll want to travel & drive it home.
  5. Thanks guys. I'll let him know. Hopefully that will persuade him to purchase.
  6. Sorry for the laziness everyone. I need a quick answer before I send my parts Pathy to the JY. I have a guy looking into it for the tranny. It's in my '94 & he has a '99 Pathy. Can he swap the '94 into the '99? I'm sure it's not a direct fit, but is there an adapter for a swap like this? THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR INFO!
  7. Not my Pathy, but my X. Got new shoes today & then I put new shocks on it also. Gunna give it a bath & detail it tomorrow.
  8. 94 Pathy


    Heads are now @ the machine shop getting looked over. Gunna have the a couple studs taken out, springs & valves looked @, & port & polished. Can't wait to get my baby back together & running. Biggest purchase will be new shoes for her.
  9. 94 Pathy


    Got it! Thanks a million. Now I know what to expect for driver's side.
  10. 94 Pathy


    K, I found the little bolt. Time to pull upwards. I just figured they would give just a little by tapping the head with a rubber mallet. Guess not. Thanks Guys!
  11. 94 Pathy


    Need help! What am I missing? I hate that we can't snap a pic of something & just pay it. I have all studs out that I can see, front pulleys & timing belt back plate disconnected from front of heads. They don't budge when I tape with a rubber mallet.
  12. K, I've been buying 99% of all my parts from Rock Auto. I had to cut the EGR pipe that connects from the EGR valve to the header since the bottom connection wouldn't break loose what so ever. I now need to purchase a new one. I called Advanced Auto Parts & they had nothing. I've checked Rock Auto, JcWhitney,& even Ebay. I've found nothing. Is this something that is straight from the dealership? Also need the air intake hose that runs from the filter box to the throttle body. Can't find that either. Are there other sites I can get these from before paying dealership prices? Thanks for all the help & info from guys & gals.
  13. Am I reading this post correctly? I've seen some guy use Grade 8 bolts on his headers instead of the header bolts that I've used when putting my Pacesetter's on. I used 300Z bolts. I heard & was told they were stronger. I'm getting ready to put new headers on. Thinking about using Grade 8 bolts this time around. Wise choice? I think it would be easier & less chance to bust if I ever need to take them out.....Can I get some feedback on this please? Thanks!
  14. I have to agree on worst location. After putting on my Pacesetter headers, the only oil filter I could use is a Fram. The only one that will fit between the frame & header. I ended up putting a filter relocation kit on & now have it in the upper front area of the wheel well.
  15. Not a huge TA fan, but love muscle cars. Looks nice. I'll have to get some pics of my '65 Stang to show off.
  16. I'm sure the hoses are gunna run more, but seams so much easier to manipulate around things. Will keep people posted & snap some pictures for others to use as a reference. Thanks again.
  17. Wanting to clean up & clear up that whole cluster on the passengers side between the frame & headers.
  18. I figured it would be easier to maneuver, but will see if I can find my flaring kit. Thanks for ur input.
  19. Hey all, curious to know if anyone has replaced fuel lines with fuel hoses? I'm wanting to do this to get lines away from hot headers. What do u think about this idea? Thanks in advance for all the input.
  20. I like the look. Nice color! Just like mine. 3+3 & 35's for me, but going down to 33's. 35's rub with tight turns & a turn with an incline rub. I haven't trimmed fenders either. Planning on trimming & rolling so it looks nicer & I can mount flares back onto them like factory.
  21. I'm drooling right now & soooo damn jealous. I sooo badly want to swap on my Pathy, but have NO idea on how to go about it. Tried talking to some friends & family members about it & they don't know anything about SAS's. I need to find someone that would help do the work, & I'd be more then willing to help & learn. Guess I'll keep looking/talking around & keep my fingers crossed. Hard to get things like this done when ur on a tight budget.
  22. I need to get some info from all that has changed auto tranny fluids regularly....I'm planning on taking the tranny out of my parts pathy that has about 100-150 miles on it. Yes, it's new. Stopped driving the Pathy once I found out that the frame was WAY TOO GONE & UNSAFE. So, it's been sitting for a few years now. I'm thinking about draining the fluids & refilling once in my other Pathy. Planning on putting the tranny cooler on also. So, that being said.....What type of tranny fluid should I use? I've heard Royal Purple & AMSOIL are really good...Knowing that it's new & fresh fluids, I will plan on changing fluid on a regular basis...20k-30k miles, or 10k less?
  23. Just finished replacing the fuel lines/hoses that burnt from the heat & fumes from the hole in the header. Still not going to drive Pathy until headers are replaced. Don't need it going up in flames AGAIN. Hope to order OBX stainless headers in a week or two.
  24. I like the junk yard idea. might have to look for one of those if I don't get rid of my Pathy. Still debating. I actually purchased a two cup holder that someone molded years ago & sold on ebay. Got it for like $5.00 + shipping. If I could ever figure out how to post pics since everything has changed, I'd share a pic of mine. Let me see if I can figure it out again....
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