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  1. You will have to drill the holes your self. It does not use any of the factory holes. They should have supplied you with self taping bolts that will make the job easy once you have drilled the holes out. The 2005 install guide should work just fine with your model. Just hold them in the position that you want them in and mark the holes then check with the guide. You will also be bolting it to the pinch seam at 6-8 places if I remember right. Best of luck.
  2. I have had both mine off for years and don't mine it. You will have a bit of body roll around corners but it is not that bad. High speeds might be the only time that I would say you have to watch out, but this would only be if you need to quickly avoid something by turning really fast. Take it off for a while if you don't like it then put it back on.
  3. Oops I have never done anything special and have taken them off tons of times.
  4. I just got some that had a lifetime warranty. The left and the right are the same, and they never ask questions when I bring them in for replacement. As for bushings I replaced the front A-arm bushings as well as the rear lower link bushings from AC. They are great. Never thought to replace too much more.
  5. I currently have the AC lift with 1 inch strut spacer. I have been running the MT/R 32/11.50x15 and am just getting new tires but to get the 32" diameter I have to get a 16" rim. I would like to get something for less than $50. I ran into a $25 deal a wheel at discount tire but the clear coat was coming off in certian area. I hesitate to get a wheel that the clear coat is already coming off. They of course were used slightly (MB V-Drive wheels) http://www.discounttire.com/dtcs/wheels/mb_wheels/product/byName.do?r=NCEINT%7Cpc%7C28110&tmn=V-Drive&typ=Truck
  6. Hey I have not been her in a while but have a quick question. I am looking to get some 16" wheels that are cheep and will have an offset that will allow 32" tires. I just stumbled on a deal that I don't want to pass up but need to get some 16" wheels in order to have it work. I am in NC so if any locals are selling or know of areas to look that would be very helpful. I really don't care if they are just black steelies. I will be getting Firestone Destination M/T 265/75x16. Thanks, Tyler
  7. Fuel filter changed last year and air filter is clean. Could it be related to the change in temp. Tends to happen more and stronger when it is cold.
  8. Recently I have notice that on warm starts (engine is warm and I return within a few minutes) the RPM’s will jump up and down for a few seconds when I restart my pathfinder. Cold starts are normal with no fluctuation in the RPM’s. I changed the fuel filter about a year ago so I don’t think that is the problem. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Any Ideas on what it could be?
  9. Thanks guys and girl!!! 1 out of 4 entries into TOTM and I finally won. Later on in that trip I bent a inner tie-rod and snaped a cv, so am I happy that I snaped this pic while I still had a working truck.
  10. You only top out with the AC lift. I have had all three combos and I would strongly recommend the HD coils you won't regret it!!! You pathfinder will look more like an old school hot rod it you get the MD.
  11. Save your self the time and money. Get the HD coils you will be much happier. I have had both and I would never say get the MD. There is no difference between the coil spring rates of either, the HD coils are just a bit longer so they give you a bit more lift on the front end. I ran into the same problem when I was trying to purchace them the first time. I ended up having to replace the MD with the HD. As for the spacers it is a preference. As for the camber bolts you dont need them with the OME lift.
  12. I had the same thing happen with the KYB GR-2 strut and found a local parts shop that would swap it out for me. Saved alot of time when it came to shipping. I just had the paperwork from 4X4parts faxed to them so that they knew when I bought the strut. (I lost the paperwork) You might be able to work something like that out. Call around.
  13. Let me know when you all decide to go. If I don't have school I would love to go on a trip. I am outside of Charlotte.
  14. For the variety there is a place out of Utah that makes sliders. I have had mine forever and love them. Might be worth a look. http://www.rocky-road.com/pathfinderrockrail.html
  15. I have not had any problems with my truck that is out of the normal upkeep. Of the road she is a monster and has taken me every where that I have wanted to go.
  16. They have adapters at the dealership. I think they are about $8 or so. This has happened to me out on the trails a few times from dropping the bumper down on a rock as the rear wheel roles off. That is if you are talking about the little white plastic peice.
  17. I think that alex replaced his with Xterra seats that he found in the junk yard. I know that the fabric is much thicker.
  18. I have had both the OME Med and HD in the front. If I remember correctly the HD coils are just a bit taller then the Med. The spring constant is the same so they will have the same ride quality side by side. I would recommend that anyone interested in getting OME get the HD coils up front. Dont waste your time or money with the med duty. You will get a more level ride with the HD coils. I relate the upgrade to going from a minivan to a truck like feel. I loved my OME ride quality.
  19. I need to replace my rear tail lights because one is cracked. Where can I pick some non-ghetto lights up for cheap? If some one has a set laying around let me know I just need to put it in to get by inspections.
  20. They are bolt on with my truck. you do have to drill 4 holes though.
  21. Alex and I will be there the end part of the week. The child in the back ground is my 13 month old daughter. She has been wheelin since week 3. She has been to 6 National Parks so far. Some of them multiple times.
  22. He was on flat ground when he broke his CV. I don't know if it was the CV or the driver. Haha!!!
  23. Yes they are, and I think that the BS is 4 if I am not mistaken.

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