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  1. To tell you the truth get the heavy duty coils you will be much happier. It is the same spring rate just a little higher. Basically the ride is the same for both the mediums, and the heavy duty. If you would like to see a picture of a PF with the OME setup on it go and look at the rocky road web site. The pictures there have the OME w/ heavy duty coils in the front. The lift that you will get in the front will be very close to an inch, but in the back it will be between 1 1/2 to 2 inches. The best part about the OME is the ride improvement, and handling. It feels much more like a truck but not too much.
  2. The top pick on the web site is not from a pathy, I don't know why that is there but I will talk to Glenn about it. Here is a better pic of how they attach to the body and the frame. I think that they look great and are super sturdy. I don't know if Glenn would do it but if you ask about making them stick out more he might be able to change up the length a bit. As these are the first that they have made they might be able to tweek them to your needs.
  3. Call and ask Glenn about them. He is the owner and will know more about them. Glenn made them and put them on aoubt two weeks ago. And yes that is my PF on the Rocky Road web site.
  4. Rocky road is going to be making a 9/16 inch spacer. I have the first set made, I just have not had the time to put them on. I wanted them to go bigger, but at the moment they don't have the machinery to cut through the thicker materials. Get two for each side and you have about an inch. Also if you are in the need of rocksliders Rocky Road now has them for sale @ www.rocky-road.com
  5. I just replaced the front with HD coils after having mediums. I wish that I would have done the HD coils to start with. The ride is going to be the same because of the spring rate is the same on both. The HD is about 1/2 inch taller. Do the HD coils you will thank me, it looks much better. All you have to do after that is get a 1/2 inch spacer and you will be just about level front and rear.
  6. I am just wondering when you need to get the timing belt as well as some of the others listed in this post. I am at 106,000 k and would like to get a time frame set so I can start saving. How hard is it to do all this your self? I already replaced the 3 front belts my self.
  7. I was driving down a dirt road while camping this weekend and got a flat. It looks like the hole is in the sidewall. Anyways, I called to find out what kind of warranty they carry and there is non. Has anyone ever tried to get a flat tire replaced for free? What can I do I don't want to have to buy another tire?
  8. Today I noticed a noise coming from my steering wheel when I turn it going at a slow speed. It is a quiet clicking noise, sometimes it even squeaks. It feels like the clicking is coming from the lower part of the steering shaft. Has anyone ever had this happen before. I also checked my steering fluid and it is full. Anyone?
  9. I just put KYB struts in the front with OME coils and rear shocks. The difference in the ride is unbelievable both on, and off road. It is a firmer ride but in a very good way. I would suggest the OME suspention upgrade to anyone that does not want to deal with cv boot wear, unless you are willing to buy the manual locking hubs. I debated between the OME and the 2-3 inch lift and I feel that I made a very good choice.
  10. Thanks I just wanted to know if it was normal. It was some extreem turns that it happened on, usually while turning left into a driveway.
  11. Has anyone had any rubbing with 31's once they put OME suspention on. It seems that in a very tight turn to the left, while flexing slightly the tires rub a bit on the inner front side of the wheel well. I still have the stock wheels on. Would that cause them to rub because of the lack of backspacing?
  12. I did end up going with the BFG tires. It looks tough with them on. It also added about 1-1 1/2 inches of hight from my old tires. I know this is not a good pic of my hitch but if you would like I can take a better one and post it. The only thing hangin down is the receiver, and it is a class III hitch. My PF will not be that clean for long!!!
  13. Got 31x10.50/15 tires today.
  14. The tires are 30x9.5/15. I hope to have some 31's on soon I am thinking about BFG T/A. Does anyone else have any recommendations?
  15. I am going to let it settle, then I will think about it.
  16. Put my OME on the other day. My PF ride 110% better than it did. I could push the old rear springs in with my hands and they would not expand again. I guess thats what 95,000k will do to them. I just can't wait to take it off road!!!
  17. When installing new struts, how important is it to install it with a dust boot? What kind of effects will follow if not put in place?
  18. My PF is not under any warranty and because my rear seatbelt locked up and I could not pull it out they fixed it no charge. Its a 98 and they told me there that seat belts have a lifetime warranty. Its worth calling and asking. They did give me the disclaimer that if it was not a mechanical problem that I would have to pay them for their time that they spent looking into it. Worth a try!!!
  19. I talked to the guys that sell the OME and they said that the medium and comfort levels are for the rear spring, not the coils. He said that if you have an ARB bumper in the front that he would get the heavy duty coils in the front. He also mentioned that no one really orders the comfort level, and suggested getting the medium even if off-roading is not your thing.
  20. My back seatbelt were replaced at the Nissan dealer for free under a lifetime warranty because it would lock up and not release. You might want to take it in and have them replace it.
  21. Funds... If I buy the lift, then I have to get Warn hubs, new wheels, strut towers, and camber adjustment bolts. Don't get me wrong I would love to do the AC lift, but the boss thinks that it will cost too much. On that note how important is it to get the Warn hubs right away if the AC lift was added? I have about 95K right now. With out that cost I might just be able to talk her into it! I am still wondering if the Medium or comfort level would work best.
  22. I am wondering what suspention I should get from OME. On the web site it shows the packages as Medium, Comfort, 2/99+Medium, and 2/99+ Comfort. I am taking it that the 99+ means 99+ PF. I have a 98 PF and am wondering which of the two should I buy? Medium or Comfort. What am I going to be getting out of the two different levels? I wheel often, but have heard that if you get the stiffest suspention and dont have an ARB bar or something like that it rides to rough is this true? Anyone who can help? :confused:
  23. If you made them where did you get the parts, and what are they made of? After I put the OME springs on I would not mind adding an extra inch or so.
  24. Now I think about it, where did you get the spacers that you have, and how much did they cost?

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