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  1. That was a super steep climb. It might be angled a bit but not much.
  2. Here are some pics from this last weekend. Down in Moab. Hope you all like. For more pics follow this link.2007 Moab Run
  3. How much did it pull the front end down? That thing is massive!!!
  4. Instead of starting a new post I will just put my pics up here. I just installed my super sliders today by myself. Here are a few pics.
  5. Alex what did you do to fix it?
  6. So I changed my lower ball joint on the driver side this weekend. After I did it I noticed that the speedometer needle jumps up and down about 2-3 mph while holding a constant speed. If I pump the gas it seems to make it more visible. Did I mess something up? If so what do I need to check or fix? Thanks, Tyler
  7. Congrats!!!! That thing looks sick.
  8. Alex just swaped a 01 or 02 Xterra engine into his 97 and it works fine.
  9. One this topic I get horrible milage. I was wondering also if the O2 sensors could be the root. I have no codes for them but i don't think they have ever been replaced. I was also wondering if my exhaust could be part of the problem. The pipes that they put in when i did the cat-back are too large. So I have a bit of lag due to lack of pressure until I get to about 2500 rpm's. I have thought about re-doing the exhaust and Y piping it. And instead of running 2x2.25 dual in with a single 2.5 out do the Y pipe 2.25 single in and 2.5 single out. I would love to see what you all think about this. If it will get me back up to normal low-end power, and better mpg then I will do it.
  10. Find a local shop that sells them and have them switch it out. That is what I did. I was with out my rig for no more than 5 hours.
  11. One of mine leaked at one point. So I called a company that carried them and they replaced it for free. I guess they have a great warranty.
  12. Herm you said it nicely!!! I think that if you are building a trail rig, that will be used on difficult trails do the AC lift. If you are going on the weekend trip that requires you to drive on a dirt road that gets a bit hairy at times get the OME lift. I have had both and loved the feel of both better than stock. The reason that I ended up with the AC setup is that I got into a few situations that the OME suspention could not handel. The AC lift is stiffer and affords more ground clearance. If that is important to you than get the AC lift.
  13. I have not seen any ill effects. The slider it self sits a little less than a half inch away from the rocker. There is not much movement so there is no room to create any kind of play where the bolts go through. Hope this gives you a better idea of what I mean. I also think that it tucks it up into the body better.
  14. Oh yeah and Alex what do you mean by barely used. They have a few good scratches on the underside. All I can say is they have saved my rocker panel many times in Moab.
  15. I have had nothing but a good experience with RR. There are 6 bolts that go through the pinch seam, and then the sliders bolt on to the factory bolt holes on the frame. I think that the super sliders look great. I am selling my sliders I have right now and will be getting the super sliders very soon. Tyler if you are interested let me know. Brandon I think that you should get some because they would look sick on your rig!!! Sorry that I have not been listening but I thought the site was down. I also think that if they felt that there was a bigger interest in aftermarket Pathy product they might build some cool stuff for us.
  16. I think that it needs to be strait up as well but I do like the look. They will just need to cover up the radiator which is huge.
  17. Just because your r50 is stock does not mean that you can't do Moab. I ran stock down there for almost a year before I started building my rig up. I did alot of hard trails and really never hit something that was too hard, or that I could not just drive around. Don't let the storys/pictures scare you away, we can always pull you through the tough stuff. I hope that tons of r50's end up coming, lift or no lift Moab is unbeatable. I agree with Dean. You have 5 months to plan and save up. I am planning on one tank of gas to get down there, and I will have the money ready. J/K Not like you have to stay in a hotel. There are plenty of camp sites.
  18. I more than likely will be heading down this year for Gone. I would love to set up camp with you and Alex, and run the trails together.
  19. I just replaced mine and it took me about an hour. I just took the three bolts off that connect the A arm to the frame and it slid out super easy.
  20. See if struts are leaking. I also had something similar latley, and had both of my inner tie rods replace that seemed to take care of the problem. They had a little play in the bal joint.
  21. I have the AC lift and have been running with 1 inch spacers in the front for a while. Have not had any problems yet. Just get manual hubs.
  22. We need to get together with Alex sometime and hit some trails
  23. Arent you the new liaison between us and them? I am assuming that you are getting some sort of kick back for posting the info. haha
  24. What are they going to do about us that don't have fender flares? Not that I will buy one but the side sure do stick out far. Also is there the ability to have it not stick out as far maybe getting rid of the huge gaping hole that is in the front to hold the winch? I would more than likely not get a winch and find the hole very unattractive. Just some questions.

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