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  1. Along these lines I just installed the hubs. Is it needed to replace the double sided screw things that the hub attaches too? I did not do it because I could not get them to come out, so that I could replace them. If I need to I will pull it apart and do it the right way.
  2. I have used a garmin etrex for a while and have loved it. I know that it is not the most technical GPS device it works for me when I need it.
  3. Lately while on this site I have been getting a virus. It is a trojan horse and I want to know it anyone else has had the same problem. It only happens on this site, and even after running a virus scan and deleting the virus. HELP!!! I like the site and would love to stay I just don't want it messing up my computer. Any advise?
  4. :help: I am going to be getting the AC lift here soon, and have a few questions so that I only have to order once. 1. I would like to know why I would want to buy the Rancho RS9000x shocks over the RS5000 shocks. Are they that much better for wheeling. Also can I buy them locally and save on shipping? I don't tow that much if at all. 2. Is the camber alignment kit necessary for allignment? 3. If I were to get bump stops what height should I get? Or should I just get the Coil Spring Rebound Bumpers? 4. With the manual locking hubs does it matter if I get the warn manual, of the mile marker? Thanks for the info in advance, Tyler
  5. I did the same thing and resorted to buying the HD coils later. Wish someone would have told me before I bought them the first time. I know that 98silver pathy did that set up and leveled it out nicely. About the tires i would still say that 31's are about as big as you can go without doing some major trimming.
  6. How would you do that? If you don't mind explaining.
  7. So how do you know when you are running rich. I cleaned my MAF sensor but I am wondering if I should just replace it. Seems like my MPG have droped quite a bit in the last while. What are some of the signs and how much is a new MAF?
  8. I had the same problem. So I changed the brake pads, rotors, and repacked the bearings while I was in there and have not heard anything since.
  9. If you are handy when it come to working on cars I would do it my self there is not much that they do there that you cant do in a good afternoon. If not then have them do it. I just hate to pay someone else money when I can do it my self. Don't they just change all the fluids and spark plugs? I lost my list of what they do at each of the services.
  10. For the Struts KYB are great and alot of people here use them. For the shocks Ranco are popular, and about the coils I would just get the OME coils It does not lift it that much but gives you a much better ride. The only other option would be to get new coils like what you have from the dealer or oem models. I have been super happy with my OME coils and the ride that they give is 100% better. More like a truck!!
  11. Look at this site. It has some pics of my pathfinder 98 with HD coils. It is 4x4. It is almost level and I have not put my spacers in yet. Rocky Road/OME
  12. Trailsin26, Here are some pics of my rig. I have the same wheel and tire set up that racer has, and I have the OME kit on.My Webpage if you want I can take some that are a little better poser pictures. Oh and by the way your pathfinder looks great Racer.
  13. If you want sliders look hereRocky Road They are a great price!
  14. I know that you need the stock front coils for the lift. If any of you are interested I have a pair of OME front coils that I am not using. They would ride closer the the stock height and be a little stiffer. If interested e-mail me. tw_bega@hotmail.com I am in Utah so let me know a price that you think is fair. They have about 5000 miles on them. I would love to get the 4 inch lift but the wife, and new baby say that I can't. :sniff:
  15. I second the sliders as something that you will need. Also skidplates. For the sliders I got mine from Rocky Road and love them. Rocky Road The Price is not too bad either. If you want to see more pics. My Webpage
  16. Go with the KYB GR-2 in the front and for the rear I have heard that the rs9000 are good because you can adjust them for what you need.
  17. nick1716 I think that you ran a 2 inch spacer for a while. While you had it on how hard on them were you, and what effects did you see. Did you have any problems with them?
  18. Hey 98silverpathy i was wondering if you have gone off road since you put the spacers on. I am having some one inch spacers made and am wondering if you have had any problems since you put them on with the cv angle stress? If so what types of problems have you had or do you think that there will be any side-effects?
  19. What are some things that I can do to get better gas milage? I just changed the spark plugs and oil (10w-30). Seems to me that it didnt help that much. I have a cone filter and exhuast and am still getting the same MPG as I was before the mods and sometimes worse. I went from a 30 inch tire to a 31 how much can that throw off MPG? I admit that at times I do have a lead foot but even when I drive like a grandma it does not improve it that much. Sometimes improving to 15 MPG. :help: It is mostly city driving!
  20. I got some aftermarket ones from Rocky Road and have been very happy with them. They are pretty much indestructible, and come with a lifetime warranty. Look them up a@ www.rocky-road.com.
  21. I could scan in a copy of the actual spacer and send it to you. What would be the cost, and could I get it in a 3/4 inch? Just e-mail me and let me know where to send it.
  22. I could not be happier with my OME set up. Just so you know get the heavy duty coils in the front that way you wont have so much difference in the hight front to back. Originally I got the Medium coils and later went to the HD. Looks much better now. The pics are my PF on the Rocky Road site, and it is with HD in the front. I also went with kyb struts, if you have problems with them they are super easy to work with.

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