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  1. It might mate up with the stock tranny behind my Z24, but not with the VG30
  2. The wheels are 15x8 with a 4" back spacing. The tires are 35x12.50x15
  3. It's not a vinyl mat. My entire interior is factory vinyl. Seats and floor.
  4. I cut roughly 3 inches in the front, and then rolled the lip in. It goes up to the body line. The rear I cut it out as far is it would go into the inner wheel well, and rolled the lip in also. Be careful with the rear because there are 3 layers of sheet metal there, and when you cut it they come apart and are a pain in the ass to roll all 3 of them together. As far as cutting them I used my air cut off wheel, and sawzall. I rolled them in with a pipe wrench, and finished off the lip with a hammer. It has rough country upper control arms, Jeep grand cherokee coils in the rear, cranked torsion bars, rough country shocks, and stock 4.6 gears. The only time I notice any power loss is in 5th gear. The 2.4 doesn't have much power to begin with. the 4.6's help.
  5. My base model with the 2.4L, 5 speed, vinyl floor, vinyl seats, no tach, and no A/C. Is an SE
  6. 4wheelparts carries the Superlift UCA's. But they are something like $278.
  7. No body lift yet. Just 3 inch suspension and a lot of cutting. Those are my new 35's
  8. It belongs in the left rear of the cargo area. There is also a cover for it.
  9. Ban andreus009 for having faith in Obama.

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