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  1. Already have Modern warfare 2 reserved. Currently playing Section 8. Not bad. Has anyone picked up Forza 3 yet?
  2. If you want to stay Nissan. Then find yourself a SD33, or a SD33T. If you are not stuck on Nissan, then find a Cummins 4BT. The 4BT is the engine I want to put into mine when I get around to putting a new power plant in. My little Z24 just isn't enough.
  3. not my wheels. but thanks for looking out. The guy who has them is most likely using them, because he put his wheels and tires on mine.
  4. Datsun/Nissan has always had an issue with their key variations being very similar. With time, tumbler, and key wear a lot of their keys will fit in other vehicles.
  5. I bought mine in January 2009. It was stolen October 16 2009, and I just got it back today October 22 2009. I really feel like killing something right now.
  6. PATHFINDER FOUND THIS MORNING @ 2 AM It was found on the 3900 block of Waller RD. Not joy riders or meth heads, but someone that was specifically looking for parts. The stereo and speakers were obviously gone. The rear panels over the speakers were ripped off and destroyed. The center console, shifter boot and shifter knob are gone. The tires and wheels are gone, but they managed to leave me the spare and a set of decent 31x10.50x15 tires on it. Broken antenna. Thankfully it is a 2.4 and no engine or drivetrain pieces were gone. They took only my right front shock????? Upon Dumping it they managed to cut the negative battery cable to remove the battery and snip the clutch line just to be D!CKS. After getting a battery in it. I managed to start it and drive it home with out the clutch. If any of you see someone with a set of 33x12.50x15 Firestone Firehawk RMT tires on 8 hole aluminum wheels. Look at the white letter side of the tires and try to find a little bit of a bubble starting in the sidewall that is circled in chalk. That will atleast identify the tires. Atleast it wasn't completely stripped and left in the woods somewhere. Also the door locks and the ignition were all intact. They had to have a key that coincidentally worked in my locks. Which doesn't surprise me. Since the old Datsun Pickups had this problem where it seemed like they only made 10 different key variations.
  7. My Pathfinder was stolen from the south hill puyallup best buy parking lot at around 6pm today. If any one sees this rig please call the police. The license number is 668-YKQ
  8. Who needs mud flaps? Or even flares.

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