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  1. I found it easier to just make an adjustable bar.
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  3. I know there are more members in Puyallup than just myself.
  4. Cage is coming next. Then I need to make a soft top.
  5. It is My wife's birthday on September 30. I was lucky enough to get away and go to the first Mr. Jim run. But, this year we had a party for her at the snoqualmie casino On October 2. Maybe I can schedule her birthday party around this next year. Thanks for the votes.
  6. When I drive mine back and forth to work. Which is 60 miles round trip all highway. I average 15 MPG with 35" tires. But I have a 2.4L four cylinder and 4.6 gears.
  7. When I got mine it was wrecked. So, I had to replace the whole front end. Fenders, core support, front bumper, grille, corner markers, headlights, and radiator. But as far as regular maintenance goes. I've only had to replace the alternator, rear brakes, clutch, and tune up stuff. And after it got stolen. I had to replace a lot more parts.
  8. CHEVROLET Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Electrical Trouble
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