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    #1 - 1995 Pathfinder XE V6 Frame-up (rotted out) build for off-road only installed 2" PA Lift, custom intake, etc. #2 - 1995 Pathfinder XE V6 standard with 4:6 LSD diff swap (front and rear) from an '94LE Rear disc conversion replaced oil pan patched floor rebuilt gas tank Front idler arm brace (self fabricated) found HOLES in the frame...typical... Welded new metal in frame, Changed gas tank AGAIN, Custom built Safari Rack and other goodies as well.
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    Tearing apart and rebuilding vehicles...get bored when they are "done" so I am always finding something to fix on them!

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  1. Hey guys. It's been a looong time since I've been here! Anyways, I need to pick some mechanical brains on finding resources to get some engine specs for a project I'm doing. I am looking for specific dimensions on the RB20DET engine/tranny. Looking for the length of the block, length of the Tansmission from the center of the shifter, to the mounting surface on the bell housing. And maybe even the overall length from the front of the engine to the center of the shifter (with tranny mounted to block obviously) I know NPORA has a wealth of resourceful members/gearheads, so hoping someone can point me in the right direction, because Google ain't pulling much up for results... Thanks
  2. Well, I will be moving to Greenwood in August, so that is only a couple hours away! We could hook up in Digby or something?
  3. you won't have any troubles with me fighting my way back!
  4. OK, after being drug to Nova Scotia by my "other half", I am in the Annapolis Valley and I am hoping to hunt down some Pathy owners and get some movement out here...or I will go NUTS playing in the woods with Jeeps, etc. If anyone is out here, just reply. PLEASE!!!
  5. I used a heavy duty gate hinge (1/4" plate) and just cut the hoop off of it that held the hinge pin and drilled 2 holes that lined up with the Idler Arm bolts...I had to use longer bolts for the Idler Arm, which I had kicking around the garage. For the Centerlink mount, I used an angle bracket for the gate hardware (3/16" thick), but it was a 6" bracket, so I just cut off what I needed and then used (2)- 1 1/4" U-bolts I found in the gate hardware section as well. All parts totaled $14.61. I took a suggestion from the forum and bent the OEM bracket as flush as I could to the new centerlink and had my son run the steering wheel, while I was underneath checking and adjusting the clearances, etc. I had to make one adjustment after, as I had the bracket on the Centerlink too far to the drivers side and it caused the shock to top out, so I moved it an inch or so and all is good. HUGE difference in how the truck handles now!
  6. Here's the pics guys, As you can see, the brand new pin is still there for the OEM stabilizer so if anyone needs it, I can take it off for them :-) I used 14 bucks in hardware from Rona, all from the gate section. considering the Rancho kit costs 65 bucks, I figured since everything else on my truck is fabricated, I might as well do this too!
  7. Thanks for the replies guys! I went to the hardware store today and spent $14 bucks and now have it mounted. I will post pics of the work once I transfer them off my Blackberry. There were a few tweaks (just adjusting to make sure it didn't bind on extension of compression, but all went well and what a HUGE difference in how the truck handles on the front end!
  8. Anyone install the Rancho RS5000 Dampener without buying the $65.00 kit? I bought the Dampener, but not the kit and want to know if anyone has pics of their install or suggestions on location of the brackets, etc...
  9. OK, I have loads of Hot Dogs, Sausages and 2 packs of Bacon
  10. I have the truck all loaded myself as well! I just have the food and beer to load on Saturday Morning. I think I will just go to Stittsville early and get some grub at the Loblaws; BACON, eggs, bread, blah blah blah, BACON! I am only gonna have to move one box to sleep in the back. I am SO stoked !
  11. LMAO!!!!! That is HILARIOUS!!!

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