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    94 nissan pathfinder se chilcoot completly stock first pathfinder...Changed my brake lines they rotted out while i was one the highway... Fuel lines including the lines running in to the tank. altenator. in the middle of changing 2 callipers 1 rotor and all pads.. new battery... put 4 new 31 10.50 r15 goodyear wrangler territories on.... they work well got out of a swamp when the the land rover on 33's got stuck and winched out.....
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    ottawa, Canada
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    SE Offroad
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    ottawa canada
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    Wheelin............... Wish i could every day

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  1. If you can relate to any of the stated redneck jk's you might be a redneck
  2. If you have more zipties holding parts on your pathfinder than actual fastners you might be a redneck
  3. Make sure the front of the truck is level aswell... By adjusting torsion bars if need be.
  4. I spliced a relay into mine aswell and it works... If you travel through alot of water crossings with your pathfinder you should look into using a water proof relay, because the relay will short. Happened to me on the trail, now i have a rubber over it lol.....
  5. You wouldn't happen to know where I can get me a factory radio would you?

  6. I will have a b-Day before u bro. April 28th

  7. I like your car I love mine it just needs time and money from the last owner.

  8. @ahardbody That hwole rebuilt starter thing happend to em as well went through 3 starters before coming to one that is working right.
  9. In my 94 the safety switch is a lil off canter when replacing my old transmission, I just push up the shifter all the way up in park pushing in the button aswell and she starts..... also try in neutral pushing forward or back to see if that helps...... There is also a thread on adding a relay to the system on here somewhere that helps with the clicking and makes the starter turn over quicker, if it isn't the safety switch you can try that.
  10. @nothernpathy LMFAO This sounds like it could be fun hmmm hopefully truck doesnt break this time. I don't know if ill be up for the camping but im sure once i get out there ill probably want to spend the night. I hope there is some technical spots on this trail i want to push my truck more to its limit. Oh and Adam's coming I'll make sure I lock my doors for sure lol no sneaking around at night for him.....
  11. lol.. Mine is doing something like that only mine is stuck completly on high heat.. i can choose through the low mid high settings but that is it. I havent done any tinkering with it yet but i will have to soon before the heat waves get here.
  12. Adam sell me some more of that hash sooooo good

  13. Hey, guys nice rig disfordog... Well im interested in the LOKKA... So i was wondering how might i go about getting one of these, bc the site i visited doesnt seem to sell them. Oh and if anyone has used this front lokka i would like to know how well it works and what you payed for it.. Thx from Canada

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