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  1. Thanks Pezzy! That's what I thought too. Hey, you are pretty close to me. Always wanted to visit Toronto. Is your truck forest green? Can't tell from the pics on my phone. Mine is.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Are you sure? I thought I would just need to remove the grease seal and exchange it for a new one. Can someone who has Haynes manual scan and email me the procedure?
  3. Daaaang! This forum sucks. No replies in two days. Hard to believe no one has done their own wheel bearings. Common guys...
  4. Do the wheel bearings need to be pressed in our trucks?
  5. So after installing the new wheel cylinder and new brake lines I cannot get my brakes to bleed. I have used all kinda methods with 0 success rate. Does the load sensing valve need to be bled? I think that might be the problem.
  6. Hi All, Broke my bleed screw after replacing front to rear brake lines and decided it would be easier to replace the whole wheel cylinder. I have never done it, so the question is: would the general instructions(google) on how to do it apply? I don't have the repair manual, but it seems like it would be an easy enough job. So if you guys have any tips/advice, let me know. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! My heater blows hot air when it is switched to Off position and the dial just one click above 65 or higher. Put it back to 65(coldest) and it blows cool air. So the temp choices are either cool or super hot. It just started doing it. What do I need to check/replace? Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!!!!
  8. Hi All, Will stock 235/70-15 tires fit Cragar 8's wheels in the link? I need to get new wheels but have almost brand new stock AT tires. Until I have some money to get 31's, I am wondering if i can use these in the mean time. Thanks! http://www.jegs.com/i/Cragar/260/3975860/10002/-1?parentProductId=754162#
  9. Thank you guys!!! I will check it out and report with results.
  10. Hey guys! I have been experiencing a strange sound that is coming from under the car where the driver and passenger seats are. It sounds like thin metal dragging on the ground or thin metal dragging across a spinning shaft. Only does it when in gear but not in P or N. Also, when I rev a little in P, it comes back. It's not loud but loud enough to hear it with open windows. No problems with the transmission at all. It shifts very smoothly. Please let me know if I need to worry... Thanks!
  11. I figured it out. Is it common for pathfinders leak transmission fluid at the tube bracket?
  12. My pathfinder just lost all the transmission fluid. It looks like it is leaking from the transmission cooler. What is the best way to get to the transmission cooler? Thanks
  13. I am almost positive that it's not seized, but I will double check. It lookes very clean and lubed. The motor is not even trying to move it (even with my help). The washer works but there is no wiper action.
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