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  1. Solved! There was a hole on the intake hose underside right by the throttle body. When my friend was cranking the car to turn on after timing the dizzy, I heard a loud pop and saw a flame come out from that area. Probed around, and saw it Cracked the hose right down the middle. I guess upon checking for leaks, we didn’t notice that, and spraying the hoses didn’t do anything since it was on the very underside and close to the throttle body. Easily overlooked as Mr_Reverse mentioned. Drove it around a bit and no codes yet. Sure hope that fixes things (for now). thanks to everyone that chimed in and helped out. this is honestly the first car forum I’ve been on that has been very proactive and quick with responses!
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  2. The lean code takes priority since a lean condition will cause a misfire. I am more inclined to think an air leak than fuel delivery since the misfire is happening at low engine speed. Do a visual inspection of the intake hose and the breather hoses. The intake hose has a tendency to crack in the bottom of the pleats where it is not as noticable. Cracks in the intake hose and or the breather hoses will skew things since there will be more air drawn in than the MAF is measuring.
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  3. Denver got hit hard. Pathy didn’t seem to mind though. I’m surprised how well the mudders did
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  4. Nissan,Suzuki,Subaru,Volvo etc. More Nissan than anything. Isuzu and Subaru switches will fit, Niles inc makes switches for several different car manufacturers. If found Suzuki switches some not all dont fit perfectly, but fit well enough to go unnoticed. Sent from my SM-S367VL using Tapatalk
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  5. If you find yourself in the Pittsburgh area, Millerstown pick-a-part had 3-4 r50s as of last week (didn't actually go over to them to see how scavenged, was on a mission for 1 specific part), but avoid any lots owned by 'rusty hook'.
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  6. Alright, we've been busy. Big batch of parts finally cut and cleaned up, ready for drilling and bending. Couple tweaks on parts from the last sets, most notably changes to the motor mount spacers. Same footprint, but more efficient piece with tons more tool access. In other news...I ordered another CNC plasma table last week. This one will increase cutting sizes to 48" x 33" (my current is 25" x 23", though I've not installed the kit that bumps it to 25" x 33"). This gets us a step closer to making bumpers and skids a reality. Still tons of things to think about in that regard, but since the table won't ship until January, we have some time to plan.
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