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  1. I do the same a couple times a year. Im trying to make it a habit of checking everytime I wash mine.
  2. as long as you dont use your shocks as limiting straps you'll be fine.
  3. Yup, we have those here. Not a bad visual deterrent.
  4. Project Pathfinder blew its trans on the Mojave Road this weekend.

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    2. 5523Pathfinder


      I don't remember a external trans cooler being installed. Was there one?

    3. 92Path_68CJ


      Good question. I will have to look next time I got out there. It was very cool out when it went, and it had been sitting for a while, so it surprised me.

    4. 92Path_68CJ


      Has a trans cooler. Guess I forgot. A new rad and an e-fan conversion was already its its future. The stock 93 radiator can't hold its own in 100 degree summer heat. When we get there we'll see about a new trans cooler and maybe a temp gauge.


  5. Been done a few times. All custom work. The more you can do the better. Otherwise its all about the $.
  6. Not stock, but 31 inch BFGs, automatic, about 2500 @ 65.
  7. Not a clue. Got lucky and bought it done. I think a couple members have done it themselves though. Try searching or starting a thread on it.
  8. http://www.motoiq.com/MagazineArticles/ID/1298/Project-Pathfinder-Part-10-How-to-Build-the-Nissan-VG30E.aspx The VG33/VG30 hybrid has been referred to as the VG34 by the PO of my WD21.
  9. I agree. Very happy with what I have, though its a little more built than that.
  10. I'm passing smog in California with cams, Doug Thorley headers. pistons, bored block. new ecu, etc. It can be done.
  11. For the record, I got ahold of theexbrit. He said the bumper has held up well. A couple braces were added between body and bumper to stop lateral movement, but it works great and the approach angle is much nicer with this bumper. Thats what I got for ya.
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