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  1. If I am ever in Surprise again I'll buy you a cool one. Thanks! Love the White Tank Mt.
  2. So sorry if I missed it somewhere, I looked, honest I did. Helping my son lift his R50. I don't always trust the tire store boys to properly torque to spec. So I would like to torque them myself before it goes for an alignment check and be able to tell them a spec. instead of a brrp brrp of the air gun.
  3. Thanks guys! I'm starting to get use to abbreviations for aftermarket stuff. I Get started using the search function and I get sidetracked reading entire build threads. Since this Pathfinder is his DD, we will have to go mild on the upgrades. He is a college student and we have another project car. So we are investigating what it takes to properly do a cheap 2" (or less if need be) lift. Want to compare 4Runner front strut spacer with the P/F. A co-worker has the 4R parts. Thinking we could make the rear spring spacers. We also want to do sheet metal bumpers, skid plates and maybe sliders. I have a plasma cutter, and welders, so since budget is a huge concern for us, most items will get done in our home shop. If you wish to point me toward any threads that would be great but I'm O.K. with searching them out too.
  4. I'm not a Pathfinder owner but my boy just got one from his Mom and S.D. Its pretty nice but all stock. We want to do some small steps in making it more capable off road w/o going nuts. We are in Western Washington so most trails are tight. Hard core trails are not in the plans. Thinking small lift, more aggressive tires and skid plates. Lots of research to do. Yes I will use the search button. Looking forward to finding answers and checking how others did things!

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