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2012 Truck of the Year voting!



105 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick your Favorite!

    • The_Magicians_Eye
    • Mr.510
    • stalker
    • petespath
    • Kyle94
    • TheCrow
    • PAMountianBiker
    • Enjoi408
    • Pezzy
    • OfftourRoadie96
    • unccpathfinder
    • pathybuilder

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To me this isn't a WD/R50 battle, rather, it's a nice representation of what we can make with a wonderful product made by Nissan. (I went with the unibody!) ;)

Two Highly modified SAS'd rigs !!!!! Battling it out There are no losers in this game :aok::aok::aok:

I love it !!

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really, is it to anyone? Just a way to have some more fun with it while throwing more awareness out there to vote!



and so far I only see 1 offer of cookies on the table :shiftyeyes:


Cookies..? Geez, ill send you an Easy Bake oven.!

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I'm still hoping Magician's Eye (who had my vote from the start) can some how win this one. :]


No offense Stalker. Love the rig and all but...DAT ACTION SNOW SHOT!

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Maybe its the 12 people that Cory with the super custom Pathfinder brought to this site, that deleted their votes.



...if that was the case i wouldn't have gotten any votes from him or the rest of the 12 stooges... :ar15:

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man this is a freakin nail biter I really kinda wish I could vote both them bad ass rigs in but since stalker is running my parts I have to vote him even though they are both awesome man!!! pamountainbiker your rig is sick!!!

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