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Trailer Wiring question


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I bought a trailer and now must get the wiring done to go along with my hitch. The wiring harness adapters seem to run about $40 or so however the universal 4 wire ones are only about $5. Is it possible to use these $5 4 wire kits or must I purchase one of these adapters?


Anyone know what this wire is for? It is under the rear hatch plastic cover piece. It looks like the gromet drops in underneath the rig by the bumper.






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The r50's have separate turn signal lights and brake lights so you must install a converter so that the trailer harness is a combination stop/turn/tail lamp.


Here is a link to a write up slick did: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=10354


The write up slick did will not be exactly the same because the wires will be different colors and model year changes, but the priciple is the same. Just remember, you will have to run a power wire to the converter. The converter is in essence, a multiple relay which also helps since the load of the trailer lights is not pulled of the small gauge wires of the factory light harness.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask as I installed a 7 way trailer plug on my '97 Pathy to tow my 5000# boat with electric brakes on the trailer.



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I'll try and get one tomorrow. That carpet you see is the rear carge area carpet. The bottom black strip is the weather stripping where the rear hatch meets. Below that where the black with the white residue shows is actually the rear bumper itself. And the wire is under that long skinny panel that you first see in the rear area. It has like 6 to 8 screws holding it down.

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It's probably either a pre-wiring for a factory tow package, or for a bumper mounted license plate lamp.


I would order a T-Connector and use it. They clip right in line with your tail-light wiring harness on both sides of the vehicle and doesn't require any cutting or splicing. Then you can run it either down through the gromets, or under the carpet and out the hatch (what I did, keeps the wires safe from corrosion, impact, etc).

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I got the kit from ac. It is easy to install and works nice. My only problem with it is that it dont have the wire to override surge brakes in reverse. I hope its not thred jacking, but since you have everyones attention, Is there a kit for our pathys to overrride surge brakes while in reverse or can I just have a swith that either grounds or provides 12v that I can switch on when I go into reverse?


Anyways, I thought that might be something to consider if your trailer or any trailer you might tow has surge brakes.

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So bringing this post back up because I tried to connect my Reese T connector kit for my Pathy but was not successful. In the drivers side rear corner, I pulled the plastic trim back and saw three white plugs, I was able to unplug the middle connector but my T connector did not want to fit in there. It looked like a good fit but no go. The other two plugs on that side were smaller sizes. On the passenger side rear corner, I didn't even see any plugs. I tried to stick my hand in the square access hole right behind the tail light and felt around but there was nothing.


The plugs on the driver side rear were visible right behind the plastic trim. There was no need to dig around in the square hole to feel around or anything. The wiring is a Reese and its specifically for R50's and Altimas.


Whats wrong here?


I also have a factory plug underneath the car, on the passenger side above the spare tire. I don't have the factory harness but was googling all over trying to find something and the closest looking thing was for an Xterra. What do you think about this?

Trailer wiring

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Get a voltmeter and test that plug under your vehicle to see if that Xterra part will work for you.


As for the locations of the taillight wiring harnesses, after you remove the right cargo panel, this is what you see:




That black wire harness goes to the right taillamp, and the connector is shown here. The wiretap you see is connected to the taillamp [pink/black] wire (not the brake or turn signal). The other end of that plastic connector is connected to the taillamp wire harness, which is what you'll see when you remove the taillamp assembly.


The driver's side harness is virtually the same, but it's probably tucked behind a bunch of other stuff, like some relays and perhaps even the Bose amp (if so equipped). Those three plugs you found are not the ones the Reese attaches to. You'll have to reach way around behind the larger opening in the body to locate the actual taillamp harness.

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Hey guys, appreciate the pics and replies. I managed to figure it out. I wasn't able to find the harness via sticking my hand through the square opening but instead removed the taillight and tugged on the grommet and found the plug that way.


Yeah it really is as easy as they say ...when you've found the right plugs! :tongue:

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