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  1. Anyone ever replaced their TPMS sensors and program the system? I've heard rumor that there is a sequence that does not involve a special device but have not gotten specific feedback on the pathy. The searches have turned up Infinity's and Frontiers.
  2. coleman fuel. Gets rid of oil and grease but dries the hell out of your hands. Wash afterwards with soap and water to get rid of the naphthalene smell
  3. That's when you need the screwdriver removal technique
  4. I lube the gasket with a drop or two of oil then tighten it until it makes good contact (starts to snug) then I crank it another 1/4 turn
  5. did you try wiggling the connector on the top of your MAF?
  6. I have never had bell housing bolts loosen. Sounds like an improper install to me. Also, ALL of the bolts would have to be very loose for anything to move enough to cause internal interference and, even then, I would not think that would happen.
  7. not sure but you can try ebay etc.
  8. disconnected the positive post on the battery. Got home yesterday and the stupid truck was squeaking and chirping. Apparently, leaving it un-driven for 3 months and being in the teens out, the battery decided to crap out/in/etc and trigger the alarm (which was a terrible sound with a dead battery). I opened the door and it stopped.... not enough juice to squeak anymore. Still waiting for my replacement title so I can get her sold.
  9. lol... guess your lock cylinder is fubar'd Has the truck ever been broken into or stolen?
  10. check your polarity. LEDs are very particular about which direction the current flows
  11. ordered a replacement title. Getting ready to sell the 95
  12. I have a factory one in my garage that isn't going back on the truck. It's in PA though and shipping would be costly
  13. I used my roo-bar to tie ropes to when I was rappelling out in New Mexico. Also worked well for running through brush but when it comes to impacting something of size, they do more damage than not. Go big or go without.
  14. check/wiggle the connector on top of your MAF. Always an easy check for something that can seriously F*k with your ability to run
  15. haven't abused the 05 yet. Just driving it to work while I try to get the 95 through inspection

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